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A take on the war on drugs I agree with
An interesting article I found on my left wing on line news letter.


As a self defined anarcho-syndilcalist and occasional user of illegal drugs (almost exclusively ganja) I found this very interesting. The "war on drugs" has been such an abysmal failure as to be a joke to most thinking humans. Yet the "State", at least in the US, perseveres in the face of significant public opposition.

The ways in which the "State" acts in disservice to the people are manifold. This "war on drugs", with the probable exception of unnecessary war, is one of the most significant. Abject servility to the monied classes is more important in the larger context but that is more subtle and much more difficult to make ordinary citizens understand.

The "war on drugs" effects us all adversely. It should be ended and the reasons should be obvious to the great percentage of the population, even world wide.
Great article. The points it makes about conditioning people to accept a police state are especially terrifying IMO
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
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