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Twenty Feet from Stardom
I cannot reccomend this film too highly. It is about backup singers their talents and their dreams. It includes much music that is very important to my life.

"Always dreamed the boy I love would come along and he would be tall and handsome, rich and strong. Now, that boy has come to me but he sure aint the way I thought he'd be". Not featured in the movie but it could have been.

I was that boy. This song was recorded by Darlene Love and the Blossoms.

It is a measure of Phil Spector's venality that he released it under the name of the Crystals. That is one of the difficulties of being a back up singer, a star uses and maybe even abuses your talent.

I will honestly admit to tearing up during much of the movie. People who recorded the sounds of my life were not offered their proper due. I love the Temps and the Miracles, I recognize that David Ruffin, Paul Williams and Eddie Kendricks and of course Smokie are incredible instruments. I still love the vocalizing of both groups as such, not an individual voice dominating but a group sound doing so. I will point out that none of the Motown groups were featured.

A small tidbit was devoted to something I abhor. Electronic tuning of voices. Some stupid vacuous untalented teenage white girl can make oodles of money because she is conventionally cute and somebody can make her sound ok.

Give me people singing collectively into a single microphone any day.
Problem is that people understand what they see better than what they hear. Its a lot easier to get the point of a show featuring some pretty girl wiggling around in a skimpy outfit than to actually listen to a concert performance and try to follow musical variations.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
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