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The March on Washington
This is the 50th anniversary of the march on Washington for "Jobs and Freedom". I came across this today.

One need not read all of this but it is an excellent read, the internal struggles over specific actions and specific demands are interesting, the main organizers were socialists and they specifically suppressed their own beliefs to make the march palatable to others they wanted to include. They also suppressed the desire for direct confrontation to again increase the possible participants which dismayed some, including Malcolm X.

But please scroll down to towards the end. There is a very reasonable set of statements about how a political economy might be organized. I accept that the exact methods for achieving the stated goals are very much open to debate. I would challenge anyone who might suggest that they are unreasonable and not worth trying to achieve.
The problem with modern housing is the cessation of a tribal structure. Within a small tribe you would have the leaders home, surrounded by his/her subordinates, yet all members of the tribe close at hand, so they know what is going on.

I would like to see town planning that builds first time buyers property next door to your multimillion pound celebrity/sports star (although I would not want this 'career' to bring in that money) property, which is next to the government owned welfare recipients lodgings.

Until people are more accepting of each other, this can never happen - but it would make society that much stronger.

I often watch these documentaries where a rich child is taken to a third world slum, and is upset that people dont have running water to the point of despair - all due to them simply assuming everyone lives like the people do in their neighbourhood.

The rest seem to be readily obtainable to me.

Some would say - how can you garner full time employment - to which I say, why do we treat community service as a punishment for criminals?
TE, your comment is nearly identical to what Jane Jacobs said in her very classic book (1961) "The Death and Life of Great American Cities".

By segregating some from the other however that may occur we lose sense of the other and in the aggregate we lose our sense of tribe. of the fact of human interconnectedness. We also lose the prospect of those who are poor of seeing how others may advance. Although the model of a working professional is certainly more realistic than a celebrity/sports star.
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