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Televangelist tied to Anti-Semitism & More in FBI Probe
I've been seeing online articles alleging now-deceased televangelist Paul Crouch was once being investigatedby the FBI for anti-Semitism, white supremacy, receiving funding from the PLO for gun-running, narcotics, money laundering and ties to the Mafia, and alleging those investigations were suspended when the FBI identified Crouch as a religious 'leader'. The investigation supposedly extended to Oral Roberts and a reverend Earl Paulk, who I've never heard of before now.

It's not hard for me to imagine any of these allegations being true, but with the investigation halted, we'll probably never know for sure, and never know if Crouch was the recipient of the phone calls mentioned in the files.


This first article also mentions that Crouch had accused of forcing a male employee into homosexual acts (shocking, I know).

And it should go without saying that I'd like to know how it is the FBI thinks being a religious leader exempts anyone from being investigated.
I would like to say it doesn't surprise me, but it actually does. I remember Paul Crouch from the crazy PTL Club days. Quite a story.
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