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Catching Up
Hey guys,

Just wanted to catch up and see how everyone's doing, etc., since I've been so negligent about being here like I used to be. Hope you're all well and good and continuing with contributions to help enlighten the sometimes dark and ill-informed corner of the separation of state/church and myth information of non-belief world. I'm very glad Skeeve has kept the site up and running so nicely as part of that effort. Thank you!

I think the blog post by Michael Nugent entitled 'Five challenges for atheists and secularists in 2016' was a terrific find. I plan to re-read it at least a few times in addition to reading more of Mr. Nugent's writing.

As for myself, we spent most of 2015 putting our home back together after we'd sold it and then had the buyer back out 3 days before closing and the day before the movers were coming. That went a long way in throwing things off kilter for us. We'd given away or sold a lot of furniture we'd decided to not move and replace when we got to the Pacific Northwest, where we were going to re-locate. As the majority of our belongings and household goods were packed up and in storage, to 'stage' the house for showing, we had all of that to unpack and put away in addition to finding furniture to replace what we'd let go of. That took a lot of time in the way of shopping around and also needing to assemble much of what we chose. We both have some physical limitations which meant that assembling furniture took us longer and more effort than it used to. But, we've finally got things back in order and gained back a semblance of living 'normally' again.

Now we're undoing a lot of that by moving everything, one room at a time, to replace the carpeting with wood laminate flooring, and then moving everything back again. William is installing the flooring himself, so that is really helping us save some $$ on the project by not needing professional installers. He started with his office and considering it was his first experience with putting in flooring, he's done one heck of an impressive job. Our house is a manufactured one and doesn't have baseboards, so he's also putting in baseboards. Looks much nicer with them. I only finally decided yesterday what I wanted to have in my office and we now have that material doing its 48 hour curing thing. In the meantime he's got most of the sub-flooring down in there. The living room and hallway will be done next. The master bedroom will be the only room left with carpeting, which we plan to eventually replace as well, but that will be put on hold for now due to the expense.

I had some extra health struggles during 2015 but have managed to defeat much of that, instead of it defeating me! Otherwise things are good personally. Like most of us (I presume) I continue to be concerned about/with world social issues and to just make positive contributions where and when I can.

Bestest, as Neil used to say.
The house stuff sounds like a nightmare. Good to hear you made it through the year okay. Other than some skin cancer surgery, I had quite an uneventful year.

Thanks for checking in! Hopefully we'll hear from you more frequently. Seems like all seeker and I do is login daily and move on. Sad
"The world is my country, and do good is my religion." - Thomas Paine
LOL, about right Skeeve. Rarely anyone to talk to these days.

Hypatia, sounds like a lot to go through but I'm sure it'll be worth it when its done.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
I been away way too long and took catman's death too hard. He was the first major death I had outside of my own family and it was hard to take as we had done so much together AFK. After he was gone I felt that Atheism for me was gone as he was the main driver in that force.
A moment of silence for him.
To move on now. Say hello!
I miss you all!
That's right, I said it...
Hi CD. I miss all of us too.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana
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