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Important issue
Hey guys. Do you remember way back when we had that seriously disturbed liar on who was logging in as different people, causing weird drama by fighting with her alter ego, and everything she told us was BS? She had a sad tale about her, her girlfriend, and her gf's little son. The child supposedly died in a car accident or from cancer or something? I even wrote a touching poem about it for her. She was a regularly posting member for many long months but it turned out it was all some bizarre con-job. The child never existed, in fact, none of what she told us was actually true.

As time went by her stories conflicted and some us us confronted her. I was especially worried because she had talked Gilhaney into giving her his home address so she could "send him some CD's". I went off on her and after a while she finally admitted she was not who she said she was and that everything she told us was a pack of lies.

Well, we need to make sure we don't accidentally invite that psycho here.

But I would like to find Gilhaney, Schmoo, and many of the other regulars. I think I'll go check MAAF and see if Schmoo hangs out there. I might be able to find a couple more of the old gang as well.

(I think that's her name)
"The world is my country, and do good is my religion." - Thomas Paine
I'll drop Schmoo a line today, Rayven. Not in touch with Gilhaney, I'm afraid. Cheers. Neil
I have been trying all day to find Gilhaney. No luck. Damn. I really liked him. I bet he changed his user name. I remember him talking about how he wanted to change his nickname. Now I'll never find him.

I sent an email to someone I hope is the same Solid Squid who used to post at If it's not him I just made an idiot out of myself. LOL

I Haven't found the Schmoo yet but I will keep trying.

I thought Adrienne was the name of the con-artist also, but I am not so sure now. I looked at the old pictures at the yahoo group and it may not have been her. We may be mixing the names up. Adrienne may be innocent. It may have been that girl named meldel-something-ner-other. Then again, she had so many aliases, she may have been more than one of the *regulars*.

Whoever that con-artist was, I hope we don't accidentally attract her or people like her, she was a full blown nutcase. When I found out she had Gilhaney's home address it scared the crap outa me and I went on the warpath.( He was a minor at the time and I guess the mother in me freaked out.)

She was such a very strange person. After we found out how much she lied to us, she begged forgiveness and still wanted to be everyone's friend. it was one of the strangest things I've come across online. There are some scary people in the world. *shudder*
Sent Schmoo a note with the URL, Ray. I'll contact some of the others through the day.

You'll appreciate, of course, that AthestAlliance just opened and attracted quite a few regulars. Hopefully, though, this site and that will develop different styles and attract different content and become complementary rather than find themselves in competition. Certainly no need for that.

Adrienne, by the way, is one of the good guys.

Cheers. Neil
Adrienne was a regular poster, not the person you were thinking of. The other person (whose user name escapes me at the moment) briefly came back but didn't stay long. It seems she couldn't do without the drama.
I went to the yahoo picture storage and I think the crazy lady might have been Medeleven. I know she had at least one other alias though, which may have been similar to Adrienne's name and that may be why we're confusing them.

BINGO!!! You'll never believe what I just found! Hey, having old hard drives stuffed into extra computers comes in handy sometimes. I just found some very old pictures of friends tucked away in an old computer and the picture of the con artist is there!

The name was Arianna ( and Jenna was the supposed gf) I will post this message real quick and then I have to upload the picture to photobucket and then link it that way. I'll post the photo it in the next message.

Keep in mind, since this whacko turned out to be a con-artist, most likely these pictures are of other people though. The small boy in the photo is the pretend dead child she used to get sympathy from us.

I also have some of y'all in the photos of friend's folder...LOL, I see catman, Gilhaney, Adrienne and a few others. We must have posted some other pictures online and I copied them.

OH BTW, I sent a message to someone name cerealkiller who was listed on the yahoo site. I think that may be Gilhaney. I hope he gets the message.
Edited by RayvenAlandria on 08/04/2008 13:53

This one of the photos the con artist used. She claimed her name was was Arianna. Who knows who the people in the photo actually are though. They may be her relatives or they may be some strangers she swiped photos from.
I tried to do a google for Softcore (Jim) but all that popped up was porn crap...LOL

I ainta clikin on dat. Shock
Looking at my old pictures I see Toejam, argo, solidsquid, schmoo, jim (softcore), jayon, catman, comfortable and family, doubtingthomas, gilhaney, darthraven, and adrienne. They must have been the only ones who posted photos.

I wonder if we will be able to find them.
I just found them. CD started a site at that I had an old link to. Because I couldn't get to the site I assumed it was down but it is up and running with most of the others there.

Adrienne was pretty cool-she used to live here in Dayton but moved away. We hear from her occasionally but since the site is gone now I doubt we'll get much out of her now.
Hi, schmoo! Glad you could make it here.

Oh, yes, I remember Mendeleven. What a mess that was.

I have an address for comfortable. I'll let him know about the site.

Rayven, that is a beautiful avatar.
Edited by catman on 08/04/2008 15:50
Wow, I haven't heard or seen jayon is years...
"The world is my country, and do good is my religion." - Thomas Paine
Hey, the guy I emailed was indeed solidsquid! Woohoo! And I see Schmooy made it ! Awesome! Hi there Schmoo!

catman, thanks, my youngest son saw that dragonheart picture while surfing online and saved it because he knew I would love it. Isn't that sweet? I resized it so I could use it here as an avatar. I use it as a background on one of the laptops as well.
Wow.. I ran into a person like your crazy lady a few years ago.. but he was a 20-something guy with dating issues and apparently, every woman that was nice to him, he latched on to in a psycho-stalking-Bates motel kind of way.

People are nuts I tell you.

Anyway, just thought I'd interject my 2cents - because I'm nosy like that.
Yeah, TheMrs,. there are some whack-a-loons on the net, that's for sure, but you can come across them in person too.

Be glad you weren't around for the "Arianna Affair". It was truly bizarre. I can't even remember half the BS she said. If memory serves, I think she claimed that Jenna had cancer and was dying and she was going to adopt the child because she and Jenna were lovers, or something like that. I was thinking it was the child who was ill, but perhaps it was Jenna she claimed had cancer. I remember months of sympathy seeking. Someone was dying, I just can't remember who at the moment.

It was one sad tale after another, and at some point I think she claimed the child had been hurt or killed in a car accident. Hell, I don't even remember anymore, it was so long ago. She had more than one alias and even got into fights with herself! Once we figured out she was playing games, it got even more bizarre. She claimed a cousin was setting her up and all kinds of silliness. It got SOOO very strange.

She was obviously seriously disturbed. Most likely she went to another site and started the whole game over with different stories and different names.

People like her are why we need to be careful online. I was really upset when Gil told me he'd given her his address, but luckily nothing ever happened. At least not that I know of. If we don't find Gil I might start freaking out.

Man, look what I just did, I just worked myself up into a Mamma worry! It's been a long time since I thought about that whole bizarre episode. Now I'm really hoping we manage to find Gil. Shock
Edited by RayvenAlandria on 08/05/2008 00:04
The last think I remember about her was a story about a motorcycle ride she was taking for the first time. Something she wanted to do before she died, or something. frickin fruitloop.
"The world is my country, and do good is my religion." - Thomas Paine
Oh yeah! The motorcycle ride. Jenna was very near death and they wanted to grant her last wish. I'd forgotten about that. It was Jenna who had the terminal illness, not the boy. I think Arianna did go on to claim the child died or got hurt though. She went to the utmost extreme to get sympathy from us.

I just remembered something else too...she even logged in as Jenna when we started getting suspicious. She tried to lay a heavy guilt trip on us because we doubted how wonderful Arianna was. She had Gil all wrapped up in knots. He really cared about them and didn't want to believe Arianna was a fraud. He even got mad at me at one point because i would not stop confronting her. I was scared though, I felt he was in danger so I had to keep pushing. When he finally realized Arianna was a complete fraud it really hurt him. He tried to hide it but I could tell. I wanted to find the bitch and wring her neck.
I remember that business with Gil. I fell for it too for a while, but I didn't have the emotional involvement that he did. What a load of claptrap it was, and I still don't understand the attraction of perpetrating a hoax like that. What is the effing point?
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