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New Gamepad finally arrives!
Woohoo. So sick of playing games using the keyboard. Got loads of Nintendo and Sega old school emulators and it was so difficult playing Mario or Zelda with the damn keyboard. Ordered a gamepad on Amazon, didn't work so they sent me a second one free of charge today and I've spent the past few hours playing Asterix games from the late eighties/ early nineties. Pure quality.

Just thought I'd share my new found joy with you other gameheads!

PS: Anyone know where I can get a working Playstation emulator? when ever I get one it always seems to be missing a d3dx9_26.dll file and wont run. Phooee!
Do you have Destiny of an emperor? Thats an awesome game, pixelated graphics, but beautiful all the same - when games were about playability.

I dont know where to get a PS emulator, only have the Saga, Nes, SNes.
No Destiny of the emperor. What platform was it on I'll check it out. The Story Of Thor was awesome on the Mega Drive (Sega Genesis to my American comrades)
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