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Neil checking in his hat
Hi guys ... or should I say hello again. Looking through the membership list so far I can't help a feeling of deja vu. Great to see so many welcome ol' names already. Very best wishes to the new site -- and many thanks to Skeeve for providing it. Cheers. Neil
Howdy there Neil. We've only been up a day or so, just wait until the ball really gets rolling.

Welcome to the site.
Neil, really glad you came. If you are in contact with any of the others feel free to invite them. I only had a few e-mail addresses.
Apart from the email addresses you and I share, Seeker, I'm down to PMs, but I've sent a few notes out, so let's hope to see the core membership grow a little.

I for one, though, am hoping for a little focus from the word go. Tangents are hunky dory, fine and dandy, zippity do-dah, and a lot of fun; little but tangents on the other hand, seems to defeat the object of a specialised site whose title itself suggests a theme.

On some sites, I often find myself out of my depth and trying hard to learn enough to contribute something useful. I love that. On others, I sometimes struggle to find a topic worth helping develop.

No offence meant to any site, by the way. Since went down so suddenly, everyone is trying their admirable best to provide a useful alternative resource. I'm very fond of everyone I've come to know and I've no doubt it will eventually all work out well.

Edited by neilmarr on 08/04/2008 11:16
Was ever very focused? I always saw ir as the sort of site where you could go from deep discussions of archeology, history, philosophy etc to penis jokes and cat pictures, often in the same thread.
Right you are, Seeker. But some threads survived and developed.

It was my first experience of an atheists' internet forum (and only one for some time) and I picked up a lot of info there -- especially leads to further readng.

Must have read three dozen books over the past eighteen months that came as either direct recommendations or suggestions that pointed me in the right direction of valuable material on a whole range of subjects within the general field of interest. You are one of those I have to thank for that.

There usually seemed to be something to get your teeth into.

Best. Neil
IMO I think what made work was a diverse group of intelligent, rational people who felt free to go in any direction they wanted to. At its best people like Photon, Schmoo, Comfortable et al could be captivating when passionate about a topic.
I must be slow or something. Is CD's site actually running? Every time I tried to get on it my connection timed out.
Hello again, NeilGrin
"The world is my country, and do good is my religion." - Thomas Paine
Yes, Neil, glad to see you here too!

seeker: I've never been timed out on CD's site, and I'm a notoriously slow and sloppy typist.
Rayven is here! Wow! Haven't seen you...well ever, but I haven't typed at you in ages!

Just peeking in to see what's happening-don't have time any more to get into many deep discussions but I'll probably pop in occasionally if only to see who has turned up!
Schmoo, great to see you too. (well you know what I mean)
I know!
schmoo!!!!!!!! So good to see you, ma'am!! Grin
"The world is my country, and do good is my religion." - Thomas Paine
Schmoo's always the best of company. And thanks or the wave hello, chaps. Neil
Well hello there Neil - and schmoo too! Grin
Nice pic The Mrs
Every time a new forum opens, The Mrs gets even more gorgeous, eh, Seek? 'm beginning to doubt those are really home snaps from the family album. N
I get younger every year tooWink
Yeah ... like the picture of Dorian Gray, only gathering dust while you're in storage? I, on the other hand, am younger tomorrow than I ever was, The Mrs. Hoots. N
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