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Newspeak in the Computer Age
You know IQ tests are a heap of shite when you spot that questions can correctly be answered in multiple ways, yet you are given a rating by one answer only.

It does seem to me, more and more, that ignorance is bliss, the problem of knowing this is that you are no longer ignorant to its truth.
If ignorance is bliss, where are all the happy people?
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
Good question. When Joni Mitchell was recording her Court and Spark album years ago her session sax player blew his sax and asked her if that not sounded like a B minor. She replied "Ignorance is bliss." She is unable to read or write musical notation.

From the guy with the head full of useless information.
I'll drink to that. Or anything else for that matter.
Buttbuttinanated, that's funny as hell.
My country seems to be full of them, 13-15 year olds running around getting pregnant and not worrying about the consequences, because they are uneducated in them.

I have rarely seen an unhappy mad man too.
I suspect most teenage mothers are not uneducated, rather they just dont care. Some people have simple aspirations - its hard to believe for us elites i know..
SF: I think you are right. Many of them have a 'whatever' attitude, usually 'justified' by the idea that 'the world is going to hell anyway, so what difference does it make?'. When one affects hopelessness, it conveniently opens the door to irresponsibility.
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
I can think of no greater aspiration than having children. I know it's not for all, either by choice or circumstance, but in comparison a career, flash car and the latest gadgets pale into insignificance.

It does bug me to hear women answer the question 'what do you do?' with 'I'm just a housewife / mum'. I think it stems from the struggle for equality in the 60's and 70's, when women were encouraged to 'compete' with men.
Catman, ive thought about this alot (y'know, staring out the window in English lessons etc.), i suspect many younger people these days have the weight of the issues of the world thrust upon them earlier and earlier as they attempt to grow up faster and faster, for some young people this encourages them to simply give up and have children, which is a relatively easy thing to do, for others it may encourage them to work harder, but as a consequence i would bet that the number of cases of stress-related sickness is rapidly increasing.

I like to consider myself a pretty chilled out guy, but even i have developed a perculiar habit of scratching my arm which mum says may be stress-related, and i dont sleep well sometimes. I thought initialy these problems may be cause by the hot weather in summer but mum wants me to see a GP about it.

Willie, my emphasis was more on the simplicity of having children in comparison to achieving a great career, for example. Although i still consider having a family to be a great thing to aim for, perhaps 'asperation' was the wrong word to use. But i agree. Women who answer that way annoy me for some reason. Its so.. old-fashioned, i guess.
Keeping it real, SF.
Slightly related... It occurred to me watching my niece grow up, that technology puts a lot of pressure on kids. When I was at school you had your group of friends, with all the internal politics involved, but at the end of the day you all went home and that was it until school next day. Now with facebook, texting and instant messaging many kids spend their 'home' life worrying about being 'out of the loop'. Who's texting who? am I missing something on instant messaging?

I often sense an air of paranoia in young people.

And then there is the pressure to have the latest must have gadget.
Isn't that the same pressure young folks have always had Willie? I think there has always been a certain level of competition, whether its with the latest gadget, the best car or just social status that is just part of youth.
seeker: Yes, there has always been that sort of pressure, but I think it's more intense now because it's so immediate and comes from so many places online and elsewhere.
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
Maybe so cat, I've always thought that todays generation of kids has it far worse than we did in a lot of ways.
seeker wrote:
Isn't that the same pressure young folks have always had Willie? I think there has always been a certain level of competition, whether its with the latest gadget, the best car or just social status that is just part of youth.

That's true Seeker but Willie has a good point, to which I agree here. Today they not only worry about who's calling who on the telephone, which was limited by parents years ago, they also have to worry about e-mail and IM's that can spread to everybody in the entire School. It's no longer limited to 2 kids at a time and who calls who up to what ever time. Now it's sent out instantly to everyone all at once. Plus add that to sending out videos from their camera's. Kids today are much more cruel and violent than we were when we were kids. They can set up anyone they want out of the click or just for the fun of it to become more popular at another's expense or should I say humiliation even when that kid could be very intelligent and/or doesn't deserve it. If the popular kids want to torture or set anyone up they have the ammunition to do it even if it's not true.
Hey what happened to my side bars? everythings gone after I posted here. Auntie M! Auntie M! LOL

Ok I'll just click the home on the top left.
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The sidebars are gone now, Sinny. Must have happened while you were posting. The upside is that the site's much faster. Even Bob -- who's been having major lag problems from the start -- finds it speedy now. Cheers. Neil
I really wouldnt say that children and teens are more cruel than any other generation, it is just they have better resources to aid them in their cruelty.

There is also the factors of the laws greater involvement in family life, yet the limit of prosecution of minors.

When a child would do something wrong, step beyond a line and say rob, attack someone, it would fall to a parent, or even the nearest adult to beat some sense into them. This is not as popular anymore, because if you hit your kid in such a way you go to jail.

Now the argument is sometimes made that being violent to someone, or inflicting physical pain makes that person more violent, but I have experienced a lot of pain in my life (nowhere near the level of some people) but I seem to have turned out well - I have never attacked anyone in the street.

I do agree that instant technology will deliver stress to a lot of kids, but kids are stressed anyway. We push tests on them, and make them care about things that dont matter any at all.

Exams being one of them, yes they are useful for discovering the educational needs of pupils by finding out the strengths and weaknesses of the pupils, but why cant the teacher keep them and use them to sculpt their lesson, instead of sending them home - afterall in most cases it is the failings of the educator not the educatee that make the mind.

In closing, I hate my phone, I actually hate phone calls. What I hate most is phone calls relating to a business, they drive me mad. When you are told to call at a particular time, or on a particular day to get hold of someone, inevitably they never answer on the first call.

So you wait a while, then call back, each time meeting an 'oh you just missed them' and 'theyve gone to lunch' so you wait again till the time they have said, but no luck.

SO you leave a message, and you are told they will call back, and they dont.

I would prefer a minute conversation in which the person tells me to fuck off and stop calling because I just dont wanna do my job today than that. I would respect that.
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