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America's Political Comedy
As many of you, who are following American politics, already know, John (Grampa) McCain upstaged the entire world with his choice of Sarah Palin (a complete unknown from the state of Alaska, the size of Australia with the population of North Dakota) as his running mate. In keeping with the republicans' belief that they can spin and misconstrue any information to further their pathologically greedy desires to increase their wealth (at the expense of the rank and file of the American middle class) they have assumed that they will have no problem convincing the voting public that, once again, that they have the answer to the problems that they created.

It has become glaringly obvious that the republican party is in business for nothing more than the basic desire to 'feather their own nests'. They figure that they can greedily accumulate enough wealth through immoral (if not down right illegal) means that they will be in a position that they are above the law the and needs of the general (read commoners) public. They figure that they are at a point that they are wealthy enough that they needn't fear excessive personal expenditures or breaking the law and there fore are superior, elite or perhaps royal! Yep, the same problem that brought America into existence lo those many years ago. We have been usurped by royalty who have achieved their position, not by bloodline, but by pathological greed. They are so enamored by the long held belief that America loves a winner that they feel their own transgressions will be overlooked as long as they end up on top.

Edited over and over and still not satisfied.
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I'll drink to that. Or anything else for that matter.
Alaska is 586,000 square miles in area. Australia is 2,966,000. Just did some fact checking...I didn't think Alaska was nearly as large as Australia. The latter is almost as big as the lower 48 states.

Carry on.
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
Derf you are absolutely right Wink

I don't think repbulicans have been this horrible since before Bush. He started a whole new way of getting rich on everybody else, no matter who or how much it's hurts the public. Especially the middle class and lower class. If this continues and they have it their way it will be only the filthy rich and the poor.

His whole new way of getting rich is the christian way...lying, cheating, stealing and praise jaysus all the way. Oh yeah that makes it all better, not. By the time this Admin.l is done Bush and Cheney will be the two richest men in the world never mind just America and McCain/Palin will be no different. Even if Palin isn't the type, I give benefit of some, the power and greed of being Republican and associating with Republicans can and will change her. ;overhead;
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