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Well, Granpa McCain has resorted to yet another theatrical ploy to throw the electorate off his trail. He has decided that the economy is SOOOOO important that it overrides America's need to elect a new leader. If McCain had his druthers the voters would go to the polls with only the information they have now about the candidates. While the candidates go back to congress to decide who is going to take the blame for this ungodly disaster created by the current neo-con administration! I can tell them, if they care to ask.
I'll drink to that. Or anything else for that matter.
Can't argue with that. He just wanted to back out of the debate with Obama, knowing that he'd come off second best. It may well appear to his hardcore fans who will see it as the act of a great patriot.

Did you watch David Letterman tonight? McCain was scheduled to appear on his show. Letterman was hilarious, but made some good points, such as 'why not send Palin in his place?' and 'make the Friday debate about the economy'. Palin is being kept largely away from the media. Her unsatisfactory appearance with Katie Couric, in which she used her usual tactic of not answering the question (which frustrated the hell out of Couric), is a good example of why. Obama would be perfectly well served by sending Biden in his place, but Palin standing in for McCain (who doesn't do all that well himself)? Uh-uh.
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