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Budweiser - American Ale
I'm about to sit in the living room and try out Buds new brew, American Ale.

It better be drinkable or I'll be all over the pre-sale rep on Thursday. He talked me into buying a six and trying it.
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"The world is my country, and do good is my religion." - Thomas Paine
Has a really good taste, unfortunately I only finished 3/4 of it before getting tired and going to bed. I'd recommend it to dark beer/ale drinkers.
"The world is my country, and do good is my religion." - Thomas Paine
America just went up a little in my estimations.
It can't be any worse than the other piss they make. It's got a good looking head.
Now willie - we've discussed the recent evolution of American brews. Next time you try a few you might not be as grumpy about them. *grin*

I do occasionally drink regular Bud on drought, so maybe I'll give this one a try, seeing that I really prefer the darker brews and ales best.

I love real ale myself. If it's released over here I'll give it a try. Not a lot of real ale pubs around here, though I'm going back home to Leicester to visit my mum soon so I'm looking forward to getting some good ale.
You're right Hypatia, that was unfair. Bud is the only beer I really dislike.
To be fair the best brews in he US are from micro-brewries and I doubt they make it overseas.
The true pub has pretty much died out in the UK, you occasionally find an ancient species, but to truely fit in you have to have been born in the pub, or at least its bi-centenary beer garden.
I'm a big fan of Paulaner's Hefeweizen and Tilburg's Dutch Brown Ale. Both are excellent.
I'm afraid I'm with Willie on this one-most commercial American beer is icky.

A nice cold Hoegaarden though...that'll brighten your day.

HOWEVER-there's a wee little brewery in Shiner, Texas, that makes some outstanding beers. Shiner Blonde is absolutely lovely.
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IMO, Shiner makes the best American beers. Their Bock is quite tasty, and they make a Hefeweizen that is very good.

I'll have to try that new Bud brew. It looks inviting.
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
LOL-well I know at least one Englishman that agrees with you-we snuck a selection of Shiner beers into England (and we're very sorry, honest, and promise to never do it again!) . One of our very best friends, and a staunch British beer afficionado, LOVED the Shiners. I think we had a Bock, the Blonde and one other that I believe was a darker one but I can't remember which one.

Sigh...I miss those days! That family and ours are the best of friends, the guys would take it in turns to get together a selection of beers for "tasters" and we'd get together, spend the day at ours or theirs, have lots of food, let the kids run around, and the guys would get quietly and gently pissed, sharing out half a bottle of beer at a time into their glasses and comparing notes/commenting.
Are you sorry you're not still there?
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
Doubting Thomas
I'd like to try my hand at homebrewing some day. I already make my own wine, so hopefully making beer wouldn't be too hard to learn.
You're just jealous because the voices are talking to me and not you.
I only drink that piss water when there is nothing else. But I must say I will give this new brew a chance.

I fine it amusing that people will pay a premium for coors or heineken when they are essentially the same but way more expensive.
Yes and no, Catman-I desperately miss my friends and find that I simply don't fit in with the local area. Very few people in this area have ever been anywhere besides here except for a theme park now and again. We don't have the same frames of reference. Throw in the fact that I'm an unrepentant heathen when most people here go to church without thinking about it and I really feel out of place.

Whereas in the UK, in spite of the fact that I was a Murkin, I was generally not regarded as unusually strange. Not to mention that Brits don't shout about their religion to total stranger.

I don't miss the incredible amount of commute time for the simplest of things, or the total lack of any knowledge of customer service, or the shortage of public toilets.

I miss my Cadbury Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut bars though. Oh, and my job-I miss my job.
The country has gone to shit since you left Schmoo.

Isn't a murkin a pubic wig?
schmoo: The Walgreen's not far from my house has several varieties of Cadbury chocolates. I'll make a point of looking for that one next time I'm there.

'Murkin'=American, right?
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
LOL-yes, my Welsh friend Cloud calls me that but in real affection. We're both equally odd so it works for us.

Willie it could very well be, I've been called worse things.
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