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First Friday Fractals
Freaky! Funkadelic! Fabuloidic!

*clears throat* Anyway, a couple of weekends ago the hubby and I went to the NM Museum of Natural History and Science, to see a show in the planetarium. For a couple of minutes before the show started our ultra-smooth, ultra-cool narrator gave us a sampling of the fractal mathematics shows they put on on the first Friday nights of each month.

The 'oooohs' and 'ahhhhs' and 'wows!' were heard all around the theatre and we wanted more... but alas, we were told we'd have to come on Friday nights to have more. Sigh...

So we shall go, and have more of those fabulous fractals shown on the dome of the planetarium. Yay! The first three shows on each of those evenings include demonstrations and explanations, etc., and then there's a showing at 9:00, called 'Fractals Rock!', that is billed as an audio/visual extravaganza of mostly show - math made psychedelic with original music from several excellent bands. The website doesn't say which bands, but I'm sure they'll be great surprises!

Here is the website for the Fractal Foundation, for more info about the shows, and lots of cool stuff to download.

I'm gonna get my freak on with psychedelic fractal math. Heh, I know most people mean something entirely different when they say they're 'gonna get their freak on', but, uh. Never mind.


Fractals, the last hope of the oponents of the Big Bang. If it can be demonstrated that there is large scale structure in the universe, which follows fractal mathematics (a specific set) then another answer for why the sky is dark at night could be reached, and the big bang would die away.

Funnily enough it has not been found, and no it is seriously doubted, what with all the support of CMB, ratios of elements etc.

Oh dear.

Mathematics has always been a very weak point for me, to the extent of being a source of anxiety and stress. At least this is one way in which I can enjoy it, and am reasonably certain it won't result in any tests afterwards. Wink

OMG Ahh sitting back, looking up in theatre watching. I remember doing that back in the day while listening to rock/pop rock music and being high the whole time.
Sinny got high?! Shock


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