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Something different.
When I get a book published and when it gets made into a blockbuster, these guys are going to do the soundtrack. Cool


embedded link
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Maybe it was the photo, but while I was listening I was thinking of Bread. Which is odd, because this isn't anything like Bread. Smile

Different is a good description. And not in a negative way.Grin
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That's pretty cool. I like that kind of static melody with the very busy rhythmic background.
Here's my favorite of theirs. Catman might enjoy this one, even with the sound down.

Oh fuck it! I can't embed the clip. Here's the link.
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Yes, I enjoyed it. It made me want to go out and ride! The second section of music was better than the first. It was a chilly day for a fast ride, from all appearances.

Deal's Gap is a famous motorcycle road due to all its curves. I want to ride it someday (hopefully a warmer day).
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I didn't realise where these guys were from. They pass under the Blue Ridge Parkway at one point. I cycled the length of the Parkway in '89, then on up to Boston. This spurred me into getting all my diaries out of the loft and typing them up, they are barely legible in their current form.

My god... 20 years ago. Shock
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