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Ok I thought I would run this by all cat people here and ask what you all think if you all don't mind. I know it's kind of expensive and the replaceable sanitizing cartridges cost between $14.99 to $12.50. what stops the granules from going through to the reservoir with the urine?, Nothing that I can see in the video. Eventually the granules will have to be replaced but I venture to say nothing like cat litter has to be.

If it works it worth it to purchase the sanitizing solution in place instead of constantly buying cat litter and liners.

I have wanted something like this for such a long time. I thought abuot training my cats to use the commode but I figured I don't want to wait to use my own commode while one of my pussy cats uses it LOL. I wish I could get this product but I know my furry little babies would have those granules all over the bathroom after one use. Plus the only space I have to put the box is right next to the bathroom door far away from my commode, bath sink and of course pipes. Unless if I tried to get an extended connecting hose. I could tape it along the bathtub on the floor to the water pipe behind the commode. It looks a lot better than the LitterMaid. That thing was disgusting. The waste would fill up way too fast in that tiny basket and that along with litter would fall between the space from the box unit to the waste basket unit. Gross.

I know it's a little costly but much prefer to use the cat litter liners, I clean in-between when needed and every 2 at most 3 days I simply pick it up and all of it goes in the garbage. No more cleaning, sanitizing the box and a little newspaper at the bottom under the liner helps in case of any cat crazy scratching though the liner is quite thick and strong enough not to need it. They even have draw string too now. The only thing I don't like is the smell of the litter believe it or not I don't mind the cat waste smell nearly as much as the litter smell. I buy the unscented but many times I still smell the litter smell. The only thing that helps with that smell is the scented candle I use. Not to worry cat lovers I use the electric candle warmer in case pussy cats get curious and try to touch the flame. Norton loves shadows so I know he would be first to jump all over the bathroom trying to get the shadow and could accidently land on the candle.

ok here are the sites one for the video....on the left above the picture of the CatGenie click watch the video:


and one for Faq's....Just click on the question:


EDIT: Oh yeah and it comes with a cover too:


The fat cat in the picture has his feet up off the floor because he's so fat just like my Norton does when he picks his head up LOL.
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It seems expensive and needlessly complex to me. I have two litter boxes for my two cats in which I use scoopable litter. Twice a day, I scoop the clumps into a plastic bag. Every night I takes the bag out into my yard and dump its contents. I do it in different places (usually behind shrubbery) so it doesn't build up anywhere, and all the little beasties and rain take care of it for me. There is no odor in my yard and the refuse disappears quickly; I've never seen it after I dump it out.
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"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
That's great Catman that you put it in your yard. I'm not much for doing that in my yard. I always thought the litter would pile up and not good for the environment. The waste is ok but the litter I wasn't so sure about. It's a pain to go in my yard and dump it because it's really dark out back Oh I have a light but it's not always on and the guy downstairs has the switch in his apt. The light is connected to his apt. because it's for outside his apt. door. You have litter boxes! I can't imagine haveing two. That would be a royal pain for me. I wouldn't have room for two and knowing my two they would take turns useing each others, lol. That to me would be defeating the purpose of using two. I don't have a basement or outside hose hook up to clean the pan so it's better for me to use the liners. Needless to say but I'll say it anyway , lol, the last thing I want is to clean the pan in my bathtub or kitchen sink.

It looks easy to install if you have the hand strength to unscrew the connector on the cold water pipe hook up. I'm sure I don't have the hand strength or proper tools to do it. They should have delivery men to not only deliver but do the hook up too like the Cable Company does. *sigh* that would cost extra but on the plus side it would be a one time fee.

It's $268.50 at but I would wait for the price to go even lower or a better sale. If I could hook it up in the bathroom or a laundry room if I had one would try it in a hot second. The cost of the unit itself would by far exceed the cost of cat litter and liners because the granuals are cleaned, sanitized and don't have to be replaced...but I'm not so sure about the $14.99 replaceable sanitizing cartridges. That would last a month so it's an easy $14.99 plus tax a month for that though it seems to me I'm spending more than $14.99 a month for litter and liners. I'd have to total up what I pay for litter and liners per month to be sure. It looks deep enough so the cats wouldn't spill it. What was it you said they are Olympian when it comes to the cat litter. LOL you sure were right that they are. I could hook it up to my washer hookup but then I wouldn't have anything for the water to empty in. I'd need a tub and my washer drains through the pipe under the kitchen sink. there's not enough room next to my commode. The vanity is right up to my commode and the other side of the wall to my shower is right up against my commode on the other side. I'm squished in. Good thing I'm not obese LOL. Damn I wish I could get this product if anything just to see if it really works. I so much like that it's clean and sanitizes for my little one's and myself.

Well who knows maybe someone here would like to try it out, when the price comes down anyways.
Since I don't always dispose of the litter in the same place, it doesn't pile up, and there isn't much of it anyway in the clumps I scoop up and take out. I buy 40 pounds of cat litter at a time at Sam's for about $10, and that much lasts for months, so it isn't expensive.

As for having two litter boxes, yes, sometimes they use one and not the other one at all between scoopings, but most of the time they use both about equally. Two boxes for two cats, scooped out twice a day, means that the litter never gets very soiled, so there is practically no odor, which keeps the cats as well as myself happy. I use covered litter boxes.

I'm used to going out in the back yard every night about one a.m. and dumping the the clumps from the plastic bag somewhere. The old-fashioned litter, which is dumped en masse, would certainly pile up and make a mess, a stink and a messy litter box, but here I'm talking about a small amount (considerably less than a pound per day). I very seldom have to wash out a litter box; they stay rather clean.

I simply can't imagine spending nearly $300 for a complicated and, to my way of thinking, unnecessary unit like that one that you are so enamored of. But, hey, different strokes for different folks.

"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
I've looked at the Cat Genie online before, and I agree with Catman - for me, it's way too expensive and too complicated. Plus, we don't have room for it in the bathroom, and as weird as it may sound, the biggest drawback for me is that I can't stand - can't stand - the thought of having the waste going into my toilet.

I know, I know - waste is waste, I guess. But, I can't get used to the idea of cat waste going into the same toilet I use. Nope. I'll keep using the cheap litter and scooping it every day.

That's funny you should say that about the waste going into the same toilet (commode) I thought about that too then figured well at least it's not the same way it would be in the litter pan. It is broken up and mixed with water, sanitizer to conform with water and turned into a liquid. Plus I use the auto toilet cleaner.

I have a few drawbacks about it too:

1 No place to hook it up close enough to the pipes
2 The price
3 Cats have to jump up to use it.

I don't like that they have to jump up to use it. I wouldn't want to have to do that. I associate that with having to climb up stairs when I have a little problem. What if the cats have that little problem or just have to go really bad. I would think that would be very uncomfortable for them. I know they jump easily but when ya gotta go ya gotta go quick and don't want to have to jump up out of the way to go. I imaging older cats would have a problem with having to jump up just to go potty...the one time they really wouldn't want to have to jump up.

Well I thought about it and still can't try it out. Maybe someday someone will come up with something I or any one of us can try out for our little furry babies.
Sinny - did you check the pet stores to see if they have any of the CatGenies on display maybe? That way you could see what it looks and sounds like, even if Norman and Trixie can't take it for a test... er, uh a spin around the... well, you know.

That is a great idea. Wish I thought of it. To physically see it and the plumbing connectors, right in front of me, would be a great help to me. He he he I like the way you said that.
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