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Saw V- only for die hard fans
Just got back from the cinema to see Saw V. I felt obliged to see it as I'd followed the story since the first film.

The first film was brilliant, innovitive, new and original. Saw II carried on this theme. Saw III was a little off target, but at least rapped up the main characters and finished it (kind of). Saw IV began to drag, but at least had a new twist and gave closure to some other characters, but was a very weak installment, the worst at that date.

Saw V. I want my 90 minutes back! It answered a couple of outstanding questions like what happened to Jeffs daughter at the end of Saw III, and also why was Hoffman working for Jigsaw. But these are quesitons which could have been answered in the first 5 minutes and thats it. It really felt like Saw V was made just for the sake of making a movie.

Whereas previous installments had a nice little twist, this simply ended on a rather dull cliffhanger and only left one real question to answer in part 6 which to be fair isn't very interesting anyway- won't spoil it for anyone who does want to see it.

Really, the franchise should have been put to rest with Jigsaw's demise at the end of the third movie. The studio/ makers had decided there were going to be six parts to the story, and it's quite clear that part V has only been made to meet the contractual obligations of six films.

There are some nice traps, some bad people getting punished and some flash backs to the early days of Saw, pre- Saw 1 in a lot of cases. But it does all seem a little pointless. Whatever happens in Saw VI could have been done in place of this movie and I doubt anyone would have noticed.

Unless you are a devout follower of the franchise then don't bother. If you are a lover of Jigsaw and his diabolical traps then I suggest waiting for a decent copy to be available for download or streaming as it's really not worth wasting the money.

I don't wanna play the game anymore.
I have not seen IV. Thanks for the heads up on V. I let the movie die with Jigsaw. I felt it had no substance without him.

That's right, I said it...
Jigsaw is still in i- via flashbacks and videos, but it's not the same. they are doing the typical Hollywood thing by dragging.
I really dont like horror, slasher and similar genres for their stupid characters and, in most cases, wholly predictable outcomes.

I cannot associate with running away from your attacker after they ahve killed people you know and you just managed to floor them. Its at that point you should be hacking bits off and making a pulpy mess on the floor - much like the head of the peado in Sin City.

Saw was just the same for me, I knew before half way what the twist was, and the others followed suite.

Predictability can be fun, but it seems only in comedy. And when they lead you to an assumption that isnt so, thats better.
You got the twist in Saw I? Impressive, I've never met anyone who got it.
Yup, it was some time ago now that I saw it but I just figured, hes on his own, there doesnt seem to be any fun in that one.

The worst thing is when I am really getting into a movie, and then a couple of scenes before the end I figure it out.
Theory_Execution wrote:
...much like the head of the peado in Sin City.

Shock Love that film..

Never seen any of the Saw films in all honesty but heard alot about them. I too am not a big fan of horror films unless they have someone in them of whom i am a fan, like Will Smith, Harrison Ford or The Rock Grin
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