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Neuroscience to wedge out materialism
Hookay there was creationism, ID, Academic Freedom
Now it's Anti-Materialists using neuroscience to wedge out materialism.

October 23, 2008
Reports of the Demise of Materialism Are Premature
Published by Steven Novella under Logic/Philosophy, Neuroscience, Creationism/ID
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The New Scientist has recently discovered what readers of this blog have known for a while - that the denial of materialist neuroscience is the
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SSDD (same shit, different day). "...the mind is a different substance than the brain". Please. That would be laughable if there weren't so many nitwits that believe it.
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There was actually a movie that came out a few years ago called, "What the Bleep do We Know" that I think was an effort to push this view. I think its the typical 'God is in that dark corner' kind of thinking that Christians have always tried to use. Evolution is too well evidenced but there are lots of dark corners in QM and neuro science
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They think they can turn science into something emotional and they can't. It reminds me of Cameron and Comfort claiming they could proove their stupid god real with science. Without using the bible babble and of course they couldn't. What the hell makes them think they can by trying to wedge through neuroscience? Facts are facts and just because there may be something not scientifically proven ...yet...doesn't mean god did it.
How does neuroscience do anything but give further evidence against dualism? It's like any other science -- the more we know, the smaller the gaps get, the smaller their god has to be to fit into them.
Their posterboy for the neuroscience move is Jeffrey Schwartz. His "evidence" comes from shoddy studies he did on patients with OCD. I read his book and was unimpressed. Not to be confused with the late James H. Schwartz who was a coeditor and coauthor (with Eric Kandel and Thomas Jessell) of the widely used neuroscience and medical textbook Principles of Neural Science.

This isn't to say that Schwartz is an idiot, he's an extremely intelligent man, however as we've all seen - ideology can nullify IQ pretty damn quick.
I agree Cynic but I think they want attack materialism by putting a wedge in property dualism to get people to believe substance dualism.

Substance dualism is belief a supernatural "soul" substance that defies all attempts to understanding or discovering with scientific methods. They think this is separate from the physical brain. It's similiar but not the same as cartesian dualism.

Property dualism is that the mind emerges from the body (and works with the brain) but is completely dependent on the physical substance of the body (and brain) and not some mysterious ether.

I hope I said that in a way that makes sense to you. I am a layman just so you know.
Edited by Sinny on 10/27/2008 00:30
I don't think there's any way to describe dualism that will "make sense" to me, Sinny, but thanks for trying. Wink

What I know of dualism comes from Rene Descartes. He felt that there was a physical and spiritual realm, that they were separate and had nothing to do with each other, and then put a finer point on it by suggesting that they interfaced within the pituitary glad. (Where's a smiley that can slap its forehead when you need one?)
Solidsquid yes the new scientist [url][/url]

So he writes about OCD and thinks he discovered the soul. Yeah I could use the slap forhehead like Cynic right now too.

Cynic I edited my post while you were posting LOL. Where I mentioned cartesian dualism. What is it with these people and dualism. It's like they think the mind is the emotions of the body and separate from the body so the mind is also separate from the brain.
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