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Koran Backs Sex Before High School
Neil - The equal opportunity detester.

I agree that they are all problematic. Unfortunately because of the adversarial roles some radical Islamic groups have taken it becomes all too easy to demonize one group while ignoring the same mechanisms that exist with all religious groups
The reason I didn't respond to those threads (apart from being at the seaside with my wonderful children) is pretty much the same reason I ignored your original post in this thread. Bad stuff happens, the issues are complex. As I've said before, your original post has not been an issue at any point. Although for the record, I do think they are all a little silly.

Neil, I have been intentionally harsh for a calculated reason. I'm quite happy to act like an arsehole, if that's what is needed to jolt someone into taking a look at their own argument. Take a look at your argument. It should be clear by now something is amiss.

neilmarr wrote:
It reminds me strongly of exactly how and why this whole row started ... it was when I'd posted a Pat Condell YouTube video, some other members applauded it and Willie took offence. Pretty well every insult he threw at Condell then has since been directed at me.
Stop whining, Neil. I challenged the Condell clip because his portrayal of Sharia law in the UK is factually incorrect. As factually incorrect as the BNP's same presentation.

You moved the discussion to a separate thread and I tried to deal with the same inaccuracies. Not once in that thread did I insult you. Not once. It is all there to see. I pointed out, toward the end, the increasingly desperate nature of your argument. But not once did I insult you. When you asked for an end, I left it. Over. Finished.

But then, you bought it up again here, in this completely unconnected thread, not me. I've been quite open about how that irritates. As far as I'm concerned the gloves are off. Now do you want to debate the sharia in the UK issue or not?

neilmarr wrote:
Only in the Islamic case has my stance been questioned ... not the facts -- just my position.
Is your position not based on the facts?

I personally have only questioned you twice. Once in the sharia thread, where I focused on the facts and here where I ignored your original thread (what I assume you mean by facts) and questioned your position, that being, indonesian society is bending over backwards to accommodate a pedophile cleric. I really don't understand your point.

Things are not as black and white as you make out, Neil. Atheist does not mean anti theist at any cost. That may be the position you choose, but you need to understand, that is irrational. Any argument you make from that stand point is doomed to fail. None of this is a personal attack against you, you should be encouraged by those that have stepped in to defend you. You are valued by those that know you for good reason, including me. But I will continue to challenge irrational views.
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