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Hindu child brides
It seems, according to this ([url][/url]) that there are 200,000 little girls married to older men in India every year because Hindu traditional allows it. Ten year old brides are not rare.

***Child marriage is illegal in India. It was allowed under British colonial rule, but it has been outlawed since independence in 1947. But enforcing the law has proved difficult and dangerous.***

Another case of religious dogma being put before state law -- and little children suffering?

The final paragraph is interesting:

***Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Babula Gaur's reaction was as depressing as it was predictable. "After speaking to officials, I do not think that the matter has got anything to do with child marriages," he claimed. "It is not possible to stop it [child marriage]," he said. "Have we been able to end alcoholism or untouchability? If Gandhiji could not succeed in this, how can Babula Gaur?" Meanwhile in Madhya Pradesh, hundreds of young lives were being blighted irreparably.***

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