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Obama you say? No candy for you!
This area seems to be the best for this:
Talk about a witch, I mean, BITCH. Punishing children for their parents decisions. If it was my son who came back crying cause he didn't get any candy; I know a few teens in my neighborhood, for a 12-pak of brew, would egg and TP this lady back to the stone age.

That's right, I said it...
When asked about children who were turned away empty-handed and crying, she said: "Oh well. Everybody has a choice."

How is that a choice? Kids that age haven't "chosen" to support Obama, and they haven't chosen for their parents to support him either. This is disgusting! Segregation on political grounds! And of children too young to understand aswell!
The kids are getting lesson, admittedly much too early, about what shitheads some people are (and the woman is a Republican, no surprise there). "..and kids of supporters" is totally unjust and asinine.
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
Sounds like someone is creating very young democrats to me!
I'll drink to that. Or anything else for that matter.
What an nincompoop.

No wonder she's voting for McCain. But she doesn't have to take either of those things out on kids.

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