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My cats.
Bob of QF
I'm a cat person.

I have nothing against dogs-- dogs are cool. They give you unconditional love/affection, no matter what.

Cats? They may or may not even acknowledge you are in the room.

But, if you win the affection of a cat, it's worth the extra effort it requires.

I have two cats at present:

Samantha, my female. She's *ahem* overweight? No-- she looks like she enjoys eating most of all, that's all.... Grin

My male is a grey tabby, Galileo:

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Cool, that tabby looks just like my old cat, Tigger. The most unsocial cat I've ever seen..until it was time for bed and he needed a headrest.Wink
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Nice Meowies.

I am a cat person too. I have had many dogs, but to be honest, even clean dogs stink to my nose. I don't like them much.

I know that dogs are cleaner and have antibacterial agents in their saliva, whereas a cat has a terribly infectious mouth, but dogs just seem dirty to me. I don't like the smell of dog but some people love it.

My family and I were discussing the "dog person" , " cat person" thing the other day. I find the subject interesting. My husband is a dog person but the boys and I are definitely cat people.

I have always felt that if I were a shapeshifter I'd shift into a black panther. Grin
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Bob of QF
There's a very old joke with regards to cats and dogs:

The dog is well aware his master feeds him, takes care of him, gives him affection and is the object of the dog's unconditional love. The dog thinks, therefore, that his master is god.

The cat is well aware her keeper feeds her, takes care of her, gives her affection. The cat thinks, therefore, that she is god.

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Reality is that which is left, after you stop believing.
Who was it over at whose signature line read: always try to be the person your dog thinks you are? Neat advice. Neil
Bob of QF: Samantha looks like a younger version of my two indoor cats. They are brothers, black (although one has just a touch of white on the tummy) and 13 years old. Samantha's a very pretty cat! Galileo seems very satisfied, judging from his photo.

I suppose you can tell from my username that I'm a cat person! I much prefer their ways and looks. I don't care for the dog odor at ALL. A litterbox smells as good.
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We lost our cat, Norman, after fourteen years on June 12. We didn't plan on finding another until we realised how lost his pal, Tommy, next door had become -- moping around, off his food, etc. etc. But my wife just called from Monaco this very minute and our good mate the vet has a lovely wee two-year old left alone after her owner died last week. I think there'll be an addition to Chez Marr tonight or tomorrow. I'm a big, tough, fierce and grizzly Scot, of course, so I'm not allowed to get excited, eh? Neil

PS: Thanks to my friends over at AtheistAlliance for some good avice on how to introduce a new cat to Tommy (he's five) and to help them get along. I'm not sure if the same advice -- given with a kitten in mind -- would apply to a two-year-old. Any thoughts? N
You just have to allow them to work through the tension themselves. I would try to intervene if they start to beat the crap out of each other, but if they just growl, hiss, and take a few swipes it's natural. Well, it's natural to beat the crap outa each other too, I just can't bear to watch it. They have to establish a pecking order.

One technique I have tried is to take whichever cat is the less aggressive and sit with it in my lap while being in close proximity to the other one. I try to get them used to each other slowly. If you show both cats affection they might tolerate each other a little better...maybe. This does not always work and I have a couple of scars to prove it.
Rub both kitties with the oil from a cat of tuna?

It's taken Zoe and Yoda a long time (okay, it's only been a couple of months) but now they romp and play every night. Zoe being roughly twice the size of Yoda, it sometimes look like a WWF grudge match when she whomps him onto the floor and bites his head. But they're all friendly after, with much sniffing of butts and licking of faces.
You're serious, Schmoo? The tuna trick actually works? Neil
LOL-no, I wasn't being serious! Sorry, that does look like I'm claiming success with that method, but all we did was supervise Hissy Face and Scaredy Cat so that Hissy Face didn't beat him up.

But hey, it's worth a try if both cats seem to like it-Zoe isn't so much into tuna, but she does love some kinds of yogurt. I reckon if I rubbed Yoda with Fage Greek yogurt she'd give him the licking of his young life.
I'd be worried that she might consider it a sauce to go with the main meal.Cool
Neil: I agree with Rayven's advice. Forget about the tuna oil. The kitten will require some extra supervision, since it's overmatched in a potential confrontation. The previous advice from the other site is still applicable with that qualification. Just give them time.

Don't get excited about it. We may lose respect for your machismo.Wink
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
Bob of QF
Re: getting cats to get along.

I had had Galileo for about a year, when I concluded that my longer hours away was not good for him-- he would pine and whine when I got home, and would hardly have touched his food dish (I keep continuous dry food in a auto-dispenser thingy).

So. A second cat might give him the stimulation he needed-- and boy, did it ever!

So, I followed the advice of the "cat lady" from which I got Sammie (Samantha), and separated them into two rooms, each about the same size. Installed water, food, litter box, etc.

Gallie, who was totally used to having the run of the house hated it. Sammie thought it was heaven-- she had been living in a cage at the local shelter.

Then, when I got home, I'd let'em out. If they got along-- fine. If either one fussed, they both went back into their rooms for an hour. (I had a 3 bedroom home at the time, which was handy. But it needn't be a bedroom-- any closable space).

It took two weeks, but eventually they only fussed at each other for a minute or three, then moved apart-- they were easily smart enough to recognize the consequences of fussing-- confinement into a small room.

Now, once in a great while, they will fuss, but it's no big deal. Usually, it's because Gallie has had a notion to be a prankster-- and will mock-attack Sammie. She lets him have it-- except he races through the house, her hot on his heels (she can move, in spite of her girth, when she's a mind to) and he ends up leaping to as high a perch as he can muster. She sits there on the floor, glaring up, as if to say, "you can't stay there forever, you know..!"

Eventually he goes to sleep up there, and she gets bored or-- more likely-- hungry and wanders off, forgetting all about it.

But, Gallie doesn't mope about anymore when I'm gone for long days. Yes, he still complains when I get home-- he IS a cat, after all. Grin
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Reality is that which is left, after you stop believing.
In my experience, it usually doesn't take much longer than two weeks for cats to start getting along fairly well anyway. I'm not saying your method didn't help speed it along somewhat.

It's a lot more fun IMO to have more than one cat, because their interplay is so interesting. A cat by itself gets bored and starts making mischief in order to have something to do.
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
I'm more of a cat person myself too. I wish our landlord would let us have pets. Sad
Thanks for the advice, folks. Turns out the cat's in darkest Italy, so we won't be able to pick her up until next week. From what the vet says, she's going to look pretty much the twin of Bob's Samantha.

I got her history a bit cockeyed earler. Turns out she was a stray with a litter of kittens that one of the vet's clients found. The cute kittens were easy to find homes for (tough there are a couple left), so the vet's given us the choice of one of the youngsters or the mother.

Our feeling is that -- unlike for the kittens, a male and a female -- it'll be tough to find a home for the mother, so we'll do our best to make her welcome. She's been sterilised now and has had all the vaccinations and stuff, so we'll pickup the wee tab for that because this particular vet makes a habit of helping out stray animals, and it must cost her a bomb in medicines alone.

I'll let you know how it all works out. Thanks again, chaps. Much appreciated (even the tuna tip, Schmoo). Neil
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Ah there we go! Zoe doing what she does bestest!
And now Yoda![img][/img]

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