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My cats.
Choke indeed. I'm going broke with this nasty habit. I'm going to try to quit again next week. I'm sure I'll be out of a job if/when I have a cranky moment since asshat has no understanding, compassion or patience with anyone except himself. Better to be written up or out of a job than dead or a cancer patient and broke to boot.

A poodle, he he. I think they were going for the lion look but instead ended up with a pissed off pussy with a lion's I'm going to kill you look.

EDIT: I wanted to post new pics of my kitties taking advantage of sleeping on my bed but I can't find the usb cord...serves me right for cleaning.
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Choke indeed. I'm going broke with this nasty habit.
That's not a great sentence to open a new page with. I kinda don't want to look back and see what preceded it. Shock
Sinny wrote:
EDIT: I wanted to post new pics of my kitties taking advantage of sleeping on my bed but I can't find the usb cord...serves me right for cleaning.

I dunno Sinny, my guess is Norton ate it. Maybe hid it at the least.

Hee hee.

willie wrote:
Choke indeed. I'm going broke with this nasty habit.
That's not a great sentence to open a new page with. I kinda don't want to look back and see what preceded it. Shock

ha ha ha ha I didn't notice how it looked Willie, But then I think hmm wouldn't I be making money...mind you I'm expensive and worth it Wink
Edited by Sinny on 10/06/2008 18:04
Hahahaha - that is pretty funny when you don't know what the conversation was about on the preceding page.

How much do you charge for a job Sinny?

I hope that came out the way I meant it. Probably not. Jokingly meant it.

Heh. Never mind.


Oh my dear I never reveal how much I charge until I have him right where I want him. Wink

j/k I wish I could write like Schmoo does.
Sinny's Norton is very sick and in the hospital. He's on IV antibiotics, and without a definitive DX at the time. He's been DXd with a mild heart condition, but I think she said the vets don't believe that is the reason for his present condition. He may have an ear infection, but that isn't for certain. So, Sinny is without answers and worried sick about her little one.

Keep us posted as you can Sinny. Give him a pet and a kiss from auntie 'Patia when you see him, and I hope he'll be well enough for you to take him home tomorrow.

Here's a big {{{hug}}} for you - try to get some sleep if you get up in the night. Take care of yourself, too sweetie.

I am so sorry that Norton is in a bad way, Sinny. I know how distressing it is. I hope that he gets over whatever it is.

Hypatia: Your new avatar is splendiferous!
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
Thanks Cat. Wink

P.S. From the symptoms Sinny has described to me, a back leg that drags and isn't working correctly being one of them, it sounds to me as if Norton could very possibly have a spinal cord injury. Oh, I know all too well that of which I speak.

Some of his other symptoms also point to possible neurological problems, so coupled with the leg problem I think it would be worth taking a look in that direction. I've mentioned this to her, so we'll see how he's doing tomorrow and whether any of the vets have any clues then about what may be ailing the little guy.
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I hope it isn't a spinal cord injury. I realize you know about that subject, Patia, but with a cat...well, let's leave off discussion of that at present.
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
OMG you guys wouldn't believe what it's been like these last 5 days. It started on Friday evening. Norton jumped down to the floor from my lap. He immediately swayed to his right sideways and then to his left sideways. Then I saw his back right leg looking like it popped out of the socket, like slightly dislocated. I went to check on him though he was only a few feet away and he ran away, of course like he always does, then he managed to jump on the bed, I mean his bed, the one he allows me to sleep in LOL. I also then noticed his back side was wobbling with his right back leg looking funny like it was drooping, sort of dragging and the bone at his hip was sticking out. I stayed with him and comforted him and wouldn't let me touch his leg then it's like he relaxed and was fine after that. That was only a few hours after putting out new mats in the hallway that have a chemical smell. So I thought a few days later that did something to him since he rubbed in face all over the paper from inside the box like he thought it was catnip.

Then Saturday he was ok but had the crap scared out of him from my vacuuming and he ran like a maniac trying to find a way out. I opened the bedroom door, when I saw it closed, to give him a chance to get out and calm down. Poor baby was scared nearly to death. I hope he didn't hurt himself. Then Sunday he slept all day and looked a little out of it but not wobbly. By Monday after I came home he was hiding and wobbly. His head was jerking to the right then when he tried to turn to look at me his head was really wobbly. Almost like he slightly had Parkinson's disease. I tried to pet him and he backed away close to the floor and obviously struggling to move without wobbling. I panicked and tried to get him and finally after struggling to get to him I finally did and immediately put him in the cat carrier. Off we went to the Animal Hospital but a closer one not the one I was racing to get to. Then I had to rush him to another Animal Hospital that was open all night to give him round the clock care. The first Animal Hospital wasn't open 24 hours, they closed 8pm!!! WTF seriously why call it a hospital when it closes? I know remember there is supposed to be some sign indicating if it's open 24 hours but in panic I didn't think of that at the time.

He was silent on the way to the second Hospital that was so far away it felt like it took all night to get there. I called my SIL screaming where the hell is it???!!?? I knew how to get there but couldn't think straight at the time. He was silent....absolutely silent...wouldn't even answer me...I didn't know if he was still with me!!

Well finally I get some sort of diagnosis. As RayvenAlandria said it means they don't know what's wrong. The Vet right away admitted that. She said it basically means they don't know. Though they know the symptoms and it's usually related to a deep inner ear infection and they usually see this in the beginning of summer and fall.

Finally he is home now the bills are charged (paid). Trixie hissed at him LOL. She didn't recognize him at first. She ran like a cat in a dog kennel LOL and of course the chase was on when I went to get Norton. The three of us all at once Trixie running from Norton and Norton running from me and Me running to get Norton out of the living room LOL. I finally waited for him to end up going back into the bedroom. Trixie keeps Hissing at him when he gets too close to her. She gives me a stare, sure she's good and pissed more extra attention with (him) around. It could be too that she knows he is sick and in the animal kingdom the healthy stay away from the sick.

He walks funny now. His back legs are bent low to the ground and spread out. Kind of like a cowboy but very low to the ground. He wobbles with every single movement and his head does tilt, kind of looks like he's giving a questioning look. He won't eat yet and I have to give him his medicine to be taken after meals YIKES! I of course called the hospital right away like a new mom and the girl said give him some time and if he still doesn't eat then try the meds without food and maybe that will make him want to eat again or throw up. He's still for the moment right now but he walked all over the apt. when he first got out of the cat carrier box and wouldn't let me near him. The vet said he is very skittish, frightened. I knew that from day one that I adopted him.

I will keep him in the bedroom so he won't be able to try and jump up on the kitchen cabinets. He's not sturdy enough to do that. I can see it will take some time for him to be normal again, if he ever is. The vet said if he doesn't get better within a week maybe two if I want to push it call her. She wants him back for another EKG. She wants to be sure of the readings after he's settled down some at home and off the meds. His final diagnosis is Idiopathic feline vestibular syndrome. (head tilts, wobbly(gait?) eyes oscillating

Medications: Baytril Liquid. I only have to give him 1.2 mils orally once a day. That's a relief non of this 2-3 times a day crappola.

The problem now is I can't get the medicine in him. It's oral medication. I finally got him by the scruff of his neck, sat down and almost got it in but he freaked and managed to get away. For a sick littlie pussy he is still quite strong. I hope I didn't blow it with his trusting me again. (he just licked his paw and shook his head and went flying up against the door) Just now as I am typing this Sad I see he could easily hurt himself. He won't stay still. The vet said keep him confined but he won't stay confined, he won't sit or lay down. I need a large holding cage for him to keep him still and away from Trixie. All the walking around she said will make him more dizzy. If I can manage to get the antibiotic in him I think he will recover. I called the hospital in between typing this post and the pharmacist said try until Friday and if you still can't get any antibiotics in him by Friday then call back and find another way to administer it or have the vet do it for you and ask for some tips on how to get him still.

One thing that made me try too soon tonight is that we both went to the bathroom at the same time. A ritual Norton started when he was 4 1/2 months old. I don't know if he's more human or I'm more cat like LOL being so in sync. Now he's on my bed, oops I mean his bed taking his bath. That's a good sign and his eyes aren't oscillating. I wonder how long it will take Trixie to come around and accepts Norton again I think for now I will leave him alone and let him finish his bath and worry about his antibiotic tomorrow when he feels safer and more at home even though he will always be skittish.

My poor baby I hope this isn't permanent.
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I think I just found out well actually saw why Norton's condition is so severe. He was had just got done bathing himself then was resting. He looked so sweet I was going to take a picture but a plane went by and woke him. So I closed the door and went to gently pet him. He got all excited like he always does and twisted himself all over showing off his belly so I could gently rub it. Trixie was at the side of the bed looking up from the floor. Norton smells like anesthesia or some kind of medicine smell.

All of a freaking sudden he gets all shaky, his arms flare up shaking, his legs move upward with toes out into a point and he is shaking all over from head literally to toes. His eyes looked bugged out and wide like they were almost popping out. I immediately kept and held my left hand under his right armpit to hold him in place and kept my right hand on the side of his face and back of his little head. I talked to him very quietly and said shhh shhh. I also said in a quiet whisper to myself I don't want to have to put you down baby please stop and get better. It was like a pleading with him and myself. I know this could kill him. His heart was beating extremely fast. It scared me like you wouldn't believe to see and feel him like that. It lasted on like a few seconds but felt like a year. I think my being there was like a double edged sword. On the one hand the excitement of having me gently petting him was too much excitement for him but then my being there helped to make what looked like a seizure much less than I think it would have been had I not been there to comfort him. Tonight was too much excitement for him with his running around and then shaking his head forgetting what it does to him. It was a natural thing for him to do but he must have forgot how dizzy he gets with too much movement or just doesn't realize yet.

I now strongly suspect this happened to him Monday when I was at work and no one was here to calm him down. Being alone on his own I think makes it last longer and that I think also causes more damage. I also noticed before his seizure that the back top of his head comes out like a point. It's sort of like goes straight out then curves down. His top back of his head isn't rounded but...sheesh it's hard to explain. It's like a Herman Munster head at the top back.

After he calmed down he looked around like he didn't know where he was. I tried to keep him still but he eventually insisted to let him go. I finally did and he's now under the bed. I wonder if there's medication for seizures in cats like we have for seizures in people with epilepsy? I'm calling the hospital now to ask or at least leave a message for the Vet.

How much more can he go through and myself Sad

This does explain a lot. I see Norton has it much more severe than my other cat did years ago. She had seizures and I only know because she only had one in front of me but she got over it real fast and no permanent damage from it. So hers were minor if you could call seizures minor.
Hey Sinny - I'm so happy Norton was able to go home today.

I have a suggestion for giving him his medication. I've had to give a cat oral medication by myself before, and I know how almost impossible it can be (especially with teeth and claws involved!). This is what my (then) vet told us to do when we have to go it alone, and it works like a charm. Wrap him up snuggly, but not too tight, in a towel, with just his head exposed. That way you can control him and slip the syringe into the corner of his mouth. Believe it or not, being wrapped in the towel is also kind of comforting to them, as long as they aren't kept that way for too long.

It's very interesting that you saw what could have been Norton having a seizure. I'm really curious to know what the vet has to say about it. I tend to think there must be medication to help control seizures in cats, as with humans. I wonder if there are different types of seizures in cats, as there are in humans? Let us know what you find out.

It's a good sign that the little rascal is being so active. Hopefully the antibiotic will knock out the infection soon. Do you think he's walking better than he was Monday night when you took him into the hospital?

Oh, poor Trixie - back to competing for Mom's attention. It's gotta be tough bein' a little kitten sis. Bah.

Sinny: I don'r know what to say other than that I hope he makes it. I have never had a cat who displayed those symptoms. At first your description made me think of something being dislocated, then distemper came to mind, but the vet would have caught that and he'd probably be dead by now if that were it. Best of luck to the little guy.

Speaking of medicine, you might also try putting some it on his nose or paw and see if he will lick it off. Cats like to groom themselves and are quite fastidious, as you know.
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"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
I'm trying my best to keep him confined to the bedroom and tomorrow I will check around for a large cage to keep him in. I need something large enough for him to sleep in, eat and enough room to keep a litter pan some distance from his food.

I forgot about using a towel to wrap him in. It does help our little kitties to feel more comforted. It still won't be easy since I can't hold him on his back or he will get dizzier. I'll try it Patia thanks for the great suggestion.

I sure did torture myself tonight I went online after he went under the be and came out again cause I put his fluffy pink blanket under the bed for him. He got scared like he always does and trotted away. I went online and looked up seizures in cats and toxins was one of the causes. Of course I immediately think of those mats I bought with that horrible chemical/tire smell. It smells like a garage in my hallway. I wonder what they make the rubber edge with other than rubber of course. They are the recycled kind so that might be why they smell so strong. I wonder if that contributed or caused his seizures. Inhaling it could make the fumes go up to his brain and cause seizures for all I know. Neither one is allowed in the hallway now. This is absolute torture for me. Ahh now he finally walked away from the door I am making sure he doesn't leave this room. I hope he sleeps good tonight. He's so young and still has a lot of energy and yes Hypatia that is a good sign, very good.

Catman, the symptoms sure are confusing but after seeing the seizure he had that would explain the incident with his back right leg. His body was leading up to a seizure just like my kitties did years ago. She knew that seizure was coming and I wonder if Norton knew too or is too young to know. His seizure is much worse than hers ever was. I'm glad to say Trixie is in good health at least I see she is so far. I just don't know anymore if I will have Norton for as long as I had hoped and took for granted. There's no mistake that that was a seizure he had tonight. I can try the medicine on his nose but he needs a lot of it. 1 and a half miligrams is a lot more than I realized. I'll have to wait until tomorrow night I don't want to stress him anymore. Oh and I think he was under anesthesia, which is bad for his heart, when I kissed him on his sweet little head I knew it then. I'm quite familiar with it that way from my other kitty cat.
I suppose you will simply have to make him swallow the stuff directly if it's 1 mg. I was thinking of the furball treatment when I suggested that you put it on his nose, but the furball stuff was a thick semisolid that would stay in a clump. I doubt if Norton had any idea what was going on.

I can tell that you are a kindred spirit and really care about him. Don't beat yourself up for anything you might have done which could have contributed to the problem. Unfortunately, you can't protect them from everything.
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
This is terrible. I am so sorry Sinny.

Have the vet check for hemobartenella, a blood parasite. It doesn't cause seizures, but anemia does and it causes anemia. Also, once seizures happen, they can cause brain damage, which causes more seizures.

His symptoms sound horrible. The poor guy. When our cat died it was a very traumatic experience, in his late stages he was having seizures too. I felt so helpless.

Some diseases like feline leukemia (FeLV) may test negative but the cat still has them. There are three different types of tests they can run for FeLV. Make sure they run the more thorough one. It has to e sent off to a lab. Ask for themt o do an IFA test.
FeLV, is a retro-virus, that's why they call it cat AIDS, it can cause many symptoms, and it can cause symptoms like what you describe.

Here, I did a quick google and here's a site with some decent info.

Giving cats medication is very hard,the towel trick is great advice. You can also try to sneak the medication into some favored catfood, mushed up tuna, deviled ham, or whatever you can think of that the cat will accept.
RayvenAlandria I wish now I had given them both the FeLV shot. The girl who assiats, mostly receiptionist, the Vet recommended not giving it to them since they never ever go outside and were adopted so youn (4 mos,) She said it's known to give cats cancer. This was at their yearly exam. Thank you for the site I am checking it out and he does have some of the symptoms, along with many others.

I nearly had a fight with his Vet today. I tried to explain how he had two seizures since I brought him home. My description wasn't good enough for her and she said she didnt' beleive it was a seizure. I tried again to explain it to her that one seizere was slightly different because of the position he was in when it first started.

It happened again this morning Sad I was talking to him and I slowly walked in the bedroom, Norton following me, he was just rubbing up against me when all of a sudden he falls sideways and goes right into a seizure. I immediately put my hands on him trying to console him and help him not to flail his arms, legs and body. I think it helped him but I spoke too loud saying you have to slow down and calm down. Like he would understand me. He came out of it bewildered and a little scared and walked right under the bed with his back legs bent and spread wide apart in that crimped kind of cowboy look and like he was a little spazemed.

It took me by complete surprise since he woke up all happy and energetic. He walked so normal no wide bent spazamed look to his back legs. He still walked slightly like he was a little woozy but nothing like the night before (last night). I just didn't see it coming and this seizure was worse than last nights. Best thing so far is I come home tonight and he is all happy and walking around normal, well for him it was normal. I gave him some tuna but he turned it down then he snuck through the bedroom door before I could stop him and got into the kitchen. Guess what!!! He ate a little food !!! Smile Smile I started to cry I was so happy. My SIL was worried that something bad happened because I was on the phone with her at the time. then before I knew it he was eating just a tiny little bit of dry food. He won't drink water yet but maybe he will after I put an ice cube in it to entice him. He loves to play with the ice cube in the water bowl LOL. He went to look under the refrigerator for his favorite toys liek he always does. Smile The Vet called and asked if he was ok tonight. I bet she found out I called the other Hospital and ratted her out. She insinsts it's the woozing is form her diagnosis and not from having seizures. Well I hope he's ok at least tonight and won't have anymore siezures. Both my kitties are hiding form me now. Norton finally gave up wandering around looking for attention and is most likely hiding under the bed. I don't dar look now I don't want to disturb him and get him all worked up again. Whoops spoke too soon Trixie heard me typing LOL now she's leary about comin in the bedroom with me and is cautiously on the lookout for Norton. She hisses like you wouldn't belive at him.

Tomorrow we go back to the first Hospital and they have a letter sent from the Vet I wanted to strangle today from the second Hospital. I told the second hospital I want him to have seizure meds. But when the vet called she said she still, as I said is against seizure meds, but now says it's because she doesn't want him on too many medications. She's full of shit. She doesn't believe me. Well I'm keeping aneye out tonight and if he does have another one I will inform the other Vet. I won't give up on him and want these seizures to stop. My Mother is all like you can't afford all of this, she's right and that vet who's against or rather doesn't believe he had any seizures wanted me to bring him in tonight but I declined and i also declined his getting a MRI done. I think they knew he had seizures or they weren't paying attention when should have been.
I just checked in on Norton and he's resting comfortably under the bed on the nice soft blanket I put there for him. Oh and earlier when I was trying to eat he came up on the table and put his cute little paws on my shoulder to say hold me. Of course I did, I scooped his little tail and feet with my arm and held him like a baby. He was bopping his head looing around up at everything he can't get to. LOL

This is soooo gooood. Ahhhhh O My Goodness!!! Trixie just let me know she wanted her night time treat. I went to give it to her and Norton heard the back crinkling within 2 seconds he was there waiting for his snack too. He's eating his pounce treats. Oh an now he's eating his Science Diet dry food. Trixie went up to him just now and hissed at him again. He can't fight her and I just yelled at her. She's jealous too that he's eating from her (their food). I have to have that smell removed from him at the Vet tomorrow. I think the smell on him is what's setting Trixie off on hissing at him. Uh Ohh now the constant meowing Norton has far business as usual tonight. maybe his Vet was right it only last 3-4 days. Sheesh I hope so my nerves can't take much more.
Sinny: Maybe the vet doesn't wan't to prescribe seizure meds because of the side effects. I know that with people who have epilepsy, the meds have various bad side effects. The cat meds might be dangerous for Norton.

It sounds like he might be pulling through. When cats start eating, it's always a good sign. What smell does he have that is upsetting Trixie? I don't suppose she wants to groom him. That's another good thing about having multiple cats, they can will often groom one another.
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
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