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My cats.
It is so difficult getting attached to a pet. Especially an exceptionally wonderful pet. Compared to us their life spans are so short. It is a forgone conclusion that the pet will succumb long before the master and most likely many of it's predecessors too. Parrot owners have a different problem. Many of the larger, intelligent parrots such as the African Gray and others live as long or sometimes longer that their human caretakers. (Notice I didn't say masters.) These parrot caretakers have to make arrangements that their avian responsibilities are passed on to some one else when they finally transition to after life. I have a hard time in my own job dealing with this type of dilemma. In the decade that I have worked at my retirement home I have had to deal with the loss of many people there that I came to know and love and feel a certain amount of responsibility for. It shines light on the fact that human beings are no more exceptional or 'special' than any other species on this planet.
I'll drink to that. Or anything else for that matter.
Catman, Good point there I didn't think of side effects. She said we don't want him on too many medications and wants to be sure of what type of seizure he is having. This she tells me after she finds out I called the other vets. hospital and said she didn't believe he had 2 seizures. Like I don't know what a seizure looks like. It could be that now she thinks to say it's because he's on antibiotics and he has that heart disease. Those meds might not be good for his heart. So far he was fine this morning and right now he is. He's very nervous and scares real easy. He always was skittish and a mistrusting but was starting to grow out of the mistrust issues until now. He wants so much to sniff Trixies little face but she can't stand him. I had to put her in the bathroom to stop her so he could eat the tuna with antibiotics in it. Of course he won't eat it but Trixie tried to LOL, figure, huh. He went to the bathroom door to stay near her cries to let her out and when I finally did she hissed again at him. He smells to me like anesthesia and I when I kissed him on the top of his head before noticing the smell my mouth got that funny slightly numbing feeling like it did the first time I kissed my little kitty years ago. I didn't know the anesthesia was on their whole body back then. My first time then...this time I just forgot and didn't expect it. Because he's so nervous all the time they probably had to sedate him at least a little, though bad for his heart and didn't want to, but he needed the EKG done so they may have had to.

It could be that....anesthesia or other scents of other animals. He was in a room in a cage supposedly being watched by everybody....I doubt being watched 24/7 but they claim he was. He does smell a little bit like a wet dog too and mediciney. I have the bedroom window room to air out his stinky smell and he's getting some fresh air for now.
I know what you mean Derf, especially when they become so ill the fear of their dyeing and watching them suffer from being so ill. Getting attached to them comes easy to me. With myself and cats we become family almost instantly. Once in my home that's it they are here to stay no matter what except the uncontrollable and inevitable death. I am fighting as hard as I can for him and I knew he needed help to fight what he's been going through. Loosing a pet you live with everyday and when they are the first one you see when you wake and last one you see when you go to sleep makes the same as loosing a human to me. It hurts so much and I wasn't gonna let it happen to my little Norton so soon in his young life without a fight. Right now I am Nortons Mommy, caretaker, protector but then I have always been that to him and of course his family....ok Trixie is his family too especially biologically. I sure learned about her, but suspected all along, that she is a one household kitty cat. She don't like to share and had to learn Norton is bigger now and stronger so she better let him be the dominant one. Now the tables are turned. I had to swat her for hissing at him tonight..she hissed worse than ever before tonight. Think she's reaching her boiling point now. I can't get that smell off him and he won't let me use the Hartz wash cloths. *sigh*.

I know what you mean about the parrots and yes they sure do have to make arrangements for when the parrot out lives them! sheesh that is no easy task. I know of a woman who has cancer and is having a difficult time finding someone to take her kitty. Imagine what it must be like for the caretaker of a parrot since the parrot could outlive the second owner too. As far as the people you take care of at work well you are responsible for them and that is a double edged sword. It's rewarding to know you are taking care of their needs at a time when you could be the last person to do this for them and when they need help, loving care during the most important time in their lives. ok Norton is on my shoulder now '& I',I'm holding him w/one arm LOL. gtg
Sinny, do not let the vet intimidate you. Some vets are idiots. Out cat died because of an incompetent vet and I filed a complaint with the state board. They told me she had many, many complaints against her and they'd been trying shut her down for years. They considered her a quack. Of course that brought no comfort to us, our beloved pet was dead.

If the first vet is not listening to you when you explain the seizures, go elsewhere.
Excellent advice, Rayven. I am fortunate to have a really good veterinary clinic just down the street a mile or so. The people there really do care, you can tell, and their expertise seems unimpeachable. Last time I had to have a cat euthanized, they sent me a card that was signed by everyone there.

I think that the trauma of losing a beloved pet is almost worse than losing a human, since the pets are so dependent upon us, the dominant species, for their needs. I always feel like I've let them down, even when I've done all that I can.
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You are so right Rayon and I'm sorry to hear you found out about your vet the hard way. Good idea to file a complaint to the State Board. I wouldn't have thought to do that.

So far the seizures have stopped. I came home Thursday night and he was weak from the seizure that morning but Friday morning and evening he was fine and full of energy. He constantly needs attention, always wants me to hold and cuddle him. He just can't get enough Smile Problem today is I can't get him into his carrier. He keeps jumping in it to inspect but as soon as I so much as look at him or try to close it he turns into acrobat cat, the flying cat rocket. I want to take him for one last vet visit so the technician can show me how the hell I can hold him in the towel without turning him upside down on his back and manage to get the medicine in with one hand while holding with the other arm/hand. Sheesh you'd think I was killing him the way he acts. I know he has an infection because he keeps shaking his head. *sigh* I don't think the batril suspension liquid antibiotic is flavored so I have to have it flavored for him while at the vets today and Iwant to give him a wash cloth bath there while I have someone to help me. He stinks so bad and it's driving Trixie crazy and getting to me since I keep holding him. If I can't get him in then I'll just have to go and get the medicine flavored and refuse to let him eat anything until he eats the food with medicine in it. He runs so fast I can't catch him.
Hey, Sinny - sounds like Norton is doing so much better, and I'm really happy to hear it. I'm so happy he's eating something on his own too.

How's he doing as far as seizures go today? Did you manage to get him into the vet's office?

I know he's hard to catch, and doesn't want to be wiped off with the cloths, but if you do catch him you might try a wash cloth wrung out in water with some baking soda diluted in it. Baking soda is good for absorbing odors. If you can catch the rascal maybe you could give him a quick scrubbing with the wash cloth. He'll get over it, lol.

derF wrote:
These parrot caretakers have to make arrangements that their avian responsibilities are passed on to some one else when they finally transition to after life...

doiF! Is that you?


I quite agree with you on the over-all sentiment of your post derF - so true it is.

Ugh I couldn't get Norton in the cat carrier to save my life today. I came close but he bolted like lightening. Trixie's expression was funny and neither one of us expected Norton to have that much strength and speed knowing he's sick. He hid under the bed and of course I couldn't even try to get him at that piont. So I went to the first vets and got the antibiotic flavored then the technician showed me how to administer it by using a kittenish cat, which I wanted to take home with me since she is up for adoption. Yeah like I need another one right now LOL.

I got home and waited for him to wake up and come out from under the bed. He finally came out and jumped on top of the bed looking like a king ha ha. I went into the kitchen and got the medicine ready into the syringe. He thought I was getting his food ready for him and came out and stretched his paws on the cabinet and my leg. I had intended to grab a hold of him after getting the meds ready but he ended coming to me. I faked him and got his food out so he could smell it. Then I picked him up by the scruff of his neck and gave him the medicine. He drank it down and I was careful not to squirt it all in at once. I did a little at a time to give him a chance to swallow. I did exactly what the technician showed me, I held him in mid air not on my lap. As soon as I put him down he ran for his life into the bedroom then a little bit afterwards he was just fine, in fact he had this look as if to say hey that wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Yeah sure I'm a dish towel by then but he's fine. At least his little heart wasn't beating so hard by then.

Later not much longer though I faked him out again. I took the Hartz wash cloths into the kitchen then went back into the bedroom where he was lying on the bed. I went to gently pet him and then quickly grabbed him by the scruff of his neck again and quickly brought him into the kitchen and washed him..Again I held him in mid air and did it as quickly as I could. Then at one point I had to get another washcloth...gasp...seconds count and I almost dropped him. I had to reposition him so's not to drop him. He almost fought hard but backed down...he might have been weak from the stress. I covered as much of his little body as I could in like maybe a half of a minute. then I had to let him go he was crying by then and I could feel his little heart beating so fast I feared he would have a heart attack so I couldn't do as much as I wanted. He bolted and under the bed he went and stayed for like a few hours. Can't blame him.

Well that wasn't the end of my poor little Norton's traumatic day. I had to go and use the vacuum the litter was tracking all over the bedroom and it smelled like wet dog, car fumes and anesthesia...another words smelly Norton. The poor little guy went nuts. He always bolts like a rocket into the other room and he sure didn't need this to add to the stress he already had from me today. I washed everything he used then remembered his pink blanket under the bed. Sheesh that thing smelled so bad and I just cleaned him and now I had to get the blanket out from under him. I waited a while then gently tried to pet him while my back was breaking and my heart thinking I nearly killed him. He looked totally stressed and tired. I got the blanket and now it's been washed. No more excitement for him tonight.

He didn't eat all day after his medication. Now I think that is why he wasn't eating....the medication was still in his system when I brought him home. It wasn't until a day later that he ate. He finally ate late tonight and I gave him seconds. I put the pounce treats in my palm and that's how I measure it. He's still much thinner but I'll give it a week after he's done with his meds to gain more weight.

Best part no seizures so far. I feared that so much today with all the excitement he has been through. He hasn't shaken his head for at least 3 hours now that I have seen so that's a good sign too. Trixie is hissing less and less at him since I cleaned him but still prefers she be the only cat in this household. If I can fake him out and get the all the meicine in him and he doesn't have anymore seizures I think he might pull through this. He only needs the medication once a day and I don't intend on vacuuming for another week so hopefully it willbe a peaceful week for him.
It appears that the seizures aren't related to Norton's level of excitement/stress. Anyway, he may be getting the idea that the unpleasantnesses you are putting him through are for his own good. They will always put up a token resistance, but cats often realize that you're doing stuff to them because you care about them.

I'd say his chances improve with every day he survives. I'll try to send some atheist karma or something your way. Catma, how's that? In any case, if love has anything to do with it, Norton should be fine. He is very fortunate to have a human who cares so much.
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
Catma - love it

'I'm putting out my best catma for Norton.'

'Don't do that - it's bad catma.' 'Going good deeds won't harm your catma.'

Heh heh heh.

I can't claim it as original. I saw a t-shirt or bumper sticker (can't recall which) with the phrase "My catma ran over your dogma".Grin
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
You guys are great Smile

Just knowing you guys care enough to give me support, advice, good thoughts and are rooting for us means a lot to me. Atheist Catma Karma on totally rocks!

That sounds familiar Catman I think I have seen or heard it too. I gave him his second dose of medicine an hour ago and he's fine, he has a full belly, medicine and Trixie hasn't hissed at him hardly at all this morning. I'm making sure I give her attention too so she doesn't feel left out. I'll probably never know what caused his seizures and I will alway suspect that an oncoming seizure is what started it all. I thought it was a bone sticking out not knowing it was the beginning stage of muscle spazms which were ultimately the beginning stages of an on coming seizure. If I had known that I would have gotten him to the hospital immediately. At least I know now if it ever happens to him again.

3:30 am Norton decides he wants to crawl into my skin, LOL. He wouldn't leave me alone and let me sleep. He tries to snuggle his whole body on my shoulder and when he can't he picks 3:30 am to walk up and down the side of my body. He needs almost constant re-assurance that I love him. I have the windows opens and it's cold but a nice cold to air the place out. He still stinks a little but not nearly as much. I think he's going to be ok now especially after see how he survived me yesterday and didn't have a seizure but only got tired and dizzy which was from the stress. I just hope he doesn't get this idiopathic disease and seizures again. He rarely wobbles now and his little head is straight now too. once I pay off the charge card for the vets, hospital I will try to save at least $50.00 a month in a special 'pussycat account' so if this ever happens again which, of curse, I hope it doesn't to either one of them I won't have to worry about having the money for them.

Sheesh it took me over a half hour to type this with Trixie demanding my undivided attention. They sometimes are a handful like little children.Grin
So happy Norton's on the mend so well Sinny. Sounds like he's going to be just fine and the antibiotic is doing its thing.

Youse guys is gonna be otay. Wink

The fund sounds like a good idea - emergencies with the pets can be astronomical in cost, which is another stress all on its own.

My sweet precious little boy lost quite a bit of weight and is slowly making up for it.

He cost me $1,700.00 and was well worth it to keep him alive.

My SIL spent $5,000.00 on her dog and the poor little guy didn't make it. They really strung her along and I suspected they were doing the same with me until I said I'm getting a second opinion. All of a sudden he was considered ok to come home.
Regarding Norton's need for attention last night: I thought for an instant that perhaps Norton was showing gratitude, but then I remembered that, after all, he is a cat.Wink

I am extremely happy to hear that my atheist catma worked and that he seems to be on the mend.
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
Yeah what are you thiniking there Cat cats showing gratitude LOL, He hasn't come up to me all day to be held and hugged or climbed on my shoulder to be hugged. Maybe he is getting back to a little more independence due to the anitbiotic working. He has sure is a big baby needing so much more attention than usual and more than Trixie. I better watch he doesn't get too used to cuddling with me at 3AM or I'll never get up for work. He's getting real smart with knowing I'm going to give him that antibiotic and he fights me the best he can. I have to give him the antibiotic once a day for two weeks and am running out of ideas on how to trick him so I can hold him. Oh and Trixie doesn't hiss that much anymore, so far, but hates that he took over her chair. When he's completely recovered I'll try to change that back to letting Trixie get her chair back. Maybe if I put the pink blanket on the couch he will go there and Trixie can have her chair back.

Your atheist catma worked better than any prayer the people at work said they did for him and myself. Though I appreciate their sentiment and concern I just know better than to believe it actually works and they're not cat paeople.
Yes, cats learn really fast when the subject matters to them. Some people think cats are less intelligent than dogs because they aren't eager to please, but IMO that only makes them more intelligent, since they practice independent thinking.

Perhaps I do have supernatural powers, since my atheist catma works. After all, I'm approaching Mythical Being status with my post count.CoolSmile
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
I'm glad he's feeling better. I hope it lasts. Keep us posted.

Giving cats medication is very hard. It took two of us to get Spirit to take his medication. We used the towel trick and William had to hold his head still. I felt terrible forcing him to take the meds but it had to be done. I tricked him a couple of times by putting it into tuna but he figured that out pretty quickly and we were back to the towel trick. He was too large to hang by the scruff of his neck, so I never tried that.

Let's hope your cat is over whatever this was. Maybe it was some kind of weird poisoning or an unknown infection. If it was something worse, it may return. Sometimes meds like antibiotics and steroids can make things better for a while but then the symptoms return. We thought our cat was better for a week and then he was hit again. The steroids had lessened his symptoms but since he had an undiagnosed blood parasite (the hemobartenella), his symptoms returned.
Let's hope it doesn't return. Since my two indoor cats are already almost 14 years old, I'm already dreading their demise, but at least they won't die young. May all our cats live a lot longer.

"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
Today I was out for about 2-3 hours and came home to find Norton wobbly again. He missed his antibiotic this morning because he now knows he going to go be forced to eat it. He hates being held by the scruff of his neck but it's the only way I can get him to stay still to get the meds in his mouth. He is now so freightened of me he won't allow me anywhere near him. I fear he had another seizure. I called the first hospital again today and the receptionist said they can't give him anything without first seeing him again. I explained I can't even catch him and I said I want to know if the other Dr. from the other hospital said not to give him seizure meds because 1). she doesn't believe me, 2). she didn't see him have any seizures and 3). he's already on one kind of medicine and doesn't want him to have anymroe.

I don't think he's wobbly again now because he didn't get his antibiotic this morning because he did show signs of getting better last week when he missed 2-3 days of meds at home. Though he did have some in his system already but he does now too.

I told them I strongly suspect the wobbling is due to it being the after affects of have a seizure prior to being wobbly. The receptionist was infuriating me to no end. She kept saying they did check him and I explained that I wasn't questioning why they sent me to the specialists at the other hospital, I wasn't questioning why they didn't see have seizures. I was only asking why the other hospital didn't see him have seizures when he was there 3 days and 2 nights. Then she said they checked his bloodwork and saw no signs of any seizures. I said the problem is no one believes me when I say I actually saw him have 2 seizures and that is not right. I know what I saw, I know he is having seizures and no one will do anything until the vet actually see him have one for themself. I don't think he was checked for seizures due to the fact that they diagnosed him as having an unknown cause disease. Well anyway I left a message with the vet at this hospital, where he was for like only 2 hours, who sent me to the other hospital, screaming at the tape machine b/c the vet wasn't available. I am so angry right now I want to scream again. Why the fuck won't they believe me? I think it's because they want him to stay with them and oh get this the receiptionist said I could request another Dr. at the other hospital, like that would help since they all work together and would protect each other back, and she said they, where she is, the vets, aren't specialists. Oh great just my fucking luck they aren't specialists. So now what do I do. No one will give him seizure medication and I can't catch him to get him in for another examination or to give him the antibiotic.

I don't think missing this one time antibiotic this morning has anything to do with whats happeing to him now and the only other reason I can possibly think of is he's having seizures.

Also I bought a new runner carpet. It's like that burpie kind with a weave underneath it. Norton went to inspect it after I washed it to make sure there weren't any chemicals on it at the laundrymat. He and Trixie both inspected it last night and Norton came in right away but Trixie stayed out in the hallway longer and went upstairs. Now today Norton is wobbly not as bad as last week but I still see it.

It's too much of a coincidence that once again when he's in the hallway snooping and sniffing at something new like mats or carpet runners that have no rubber or plastic in them that he gets wobbly again. I think whatever is in these new house hold products causes pets (cats) to have seizures. Thing is it it in his it in his brain... Bucklan his vet that won't accept that he has seizures and said there's different kinds of seizures and she wan'ts to know what kind...Fuck why didn't they check for this when he was there for 2 nights 3 days. He can't survive anymore seizures and I will never, ever allow him in that hallway again. I checked with infr. to find another Vet that will do house calls so hopefully that will accomplish something. They are open tomorrow morning so Iknow what I have to do first thing in the morning. Sad
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