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My cats.
Ok now for my Norton's update. Friday he coughed up his pill so I gave him another one later. Saturday he missed his pill and Sunday, today, he didn't get the last one. If he didn't cough up his pill Friday then today would have been his last but since he did that made Saturday his last, which he didn't get.

I'm not worried. Norton has made an almost full recovery so far. Getting at least 5 straight days of medication in him seems to have helped a lot. that's 5 days on the pill meds now add what I managed to get in him Sunday that makes 6 straight days in a row. So far I see no evidence of a relapse and his head is only slight crooked. I was told that's the last thing to go away.

He runs, plays, chases his sister all over and even jumped up on the dresser today but lost his balance when he jumped off as soon as I looked at him LOL. He fell off to his side and his little feet scampered like sideways bunny but quickly got up and ran for cover. He joins me in the bathroom to do his little antics with me like he always did before, which he learned from his sister, scratching at my clothes. I put my hand behind my pants and he went right after it LOL. That's good it means he can see close up. Also I noticed he can see farther away too. Now he meowing like he always did before he got sick for attention and of course just to talk to me.

He still runs away for fear of another pill from me but at least he does come lay down next to me and I get a hug and kiss here and there. He does the same as Trixie... he scampers off with a little hop in him.

He's back to being the big baby he has always been. I am sooo happy.
GrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrin GrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrin

Now to get him to stop biting and attacking Trixie.... she let's out a high pitched meow...eeek. LOL
I am so very happy to hear the good news,Sinny. Have fun with Norton, it appears that you'll have him for a long time.Grin
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
You guys should have seen Norton Friday when I was on my way out to work. He looked absolutely adorable, so precious. I of course said good bye to Trixie and she gave me that sweet faced look with her cute little pink nose. Norton sat so statuesque yet innocent looking, which he is, and frozen like a pose just for me. He was sitting a little bit at an angle, his little head was turned to his left just a little and tilted as if to do a cheese cake pose. I just melted and stood looking at him. I couldn't take my eyes off him he was so adorable. How I wished I had a camera right at that moment. I could have made a fortune selling his picture.

When I came home he played and played with his sister and his favorite toys. He played search the toys and had so much fun.

Today he went running all around the apt. in the morning chasing his sister and she chased him too. Later I had the delivery men come and made ruckus.. Norton ran under the bed but Trixie didn't have time to and ran under the couch...trapped there until they left LOL.

Later I noticed Norton getting a little tipsy. He's not wobbly but just a little tipsy when he jumps up or runs. He was sitting by the closet and all of a sudden he jerked to his left and right back to sitting straight. I don't like that it's not good.

I remember him being that way in the beginning of the hell I went through with him. I hope it's just the last stages of his recovery, kind of like winding down to the beginning stage before he's completely recovered. But the Dr. said that would be his head being tilted. Which it isn't so much anymore, just very slightly now and then. I truly hope it's not another relapse. His last relapse fooled me but came on very quicly. Shit it's only been a few days since I've seen any real improvement and that was Thursday so it's been about 4 days. What is it with 3-4 days with him.

He missed his Dr. apt. today because of the delivery I had to wait for and the Hospital didn't have him in their appt. book. Then I was told Dr. was on vacation this week. I nearly fell over! It's bad enough I didn't want to traumatize him and ended up having to stay here for a delivery but quite another to find out the Dr. didn't even put him in the appt. book. Plus I find that it's another charge for a follow up. I'm going to check into that I swear I saw somewhere on the pile of paper work they gave me it said no charge for a follow up. shit. I'm going to another hospital for a follow up and bring the paper work with me and if he is having another relapse I will take the risk and expense of having an MRI done on him. I hate to do that but I want to know why this keeps happening if it is a relapse.

I just leery now about another relapse but he seems to be doing just fine other than that little tipsiness he gets. He even lets me cuddle with him now and does his cute little antics pose for me to show how adorable he is. He gets all excited and lays down and stretches his back legs out while he bends up his little front paws up by his chest to show off is cute belly. Most times he gets so excited he gets scared LOL and flops up and down like a little fish out of water LOL. It's not a seizure flop its so cute the way he does it. Picture a cute little pussy cat moving on the floor like he's scratching his side...he's so silly LOL.

Please keep the catma going with good kind positive thoughts and hope for a full recovery. I can't take another relapse anymore than he can.
Another shipment of atheist catma is on its way. I hope it isn't another relapse too. It may not be; kittens like to do all sorts of goofy things anyway. I especially love it when they jump straight up a couple of feet when startled.
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
ha ha another shipment, that's cute Catman Smile Thank you Catman. The folks at work say they are praying for him and I thanked them because I know it's all they can do and would do more if they could. So I look at it like they mean well, it's their way of saying they are hoping the best for him and myself. Maybe it makes them feel like they are doing something when there isn't much they can do but hope the best.

I swear he knows I'm looking to give him that last pill tonight. He's napping now on the bed and listening to Michael Jackson on my computer with me. Yes my computer is in my bedroom. I don't have room or hookups in my living room. I'll get him later. He's so slow and kind of out of energy tonight. Maybe he will pick up more later. Sheesh he had all day to sleep you'd think he would have more energy. Trix is driving me up a wall wiggling all around me demanding constant attention. I'm getting tired of playing with her LOL. I just looked at Norton and I swear he is the most adorable little boy pussy cat in the world. I won't get him while he's napping that's cruel to do and will make him paranoid, not that he isn't already halfway there. That money my Mother gave us at xmas sure could come in handy now. Now I wish I had saved it.
I suppose the people praying for him mean well. I'm sure my atheist catma has a real effect, though.Wink

My computer is in my bedroom, too. There is no room in the living room for it. That's full of records, tapes, CDs, musical instruments, etc.

Michael Jackson? That might explain the seizures. I have to admit that I like the groove of Billie Jean, though.

It might not matter if you catch Norton while he's asleep. Cramming a pill down him will make him paranoid either way. Besides, it's the last pill. He might not remember it as well if you can get it down him before he's fully awake. Cats use up a lot of energy sleeping.Wink

"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
That's sounds funny using up energy when sleeping LOL. That's when they should be storing energy. You know Catman I could imagine your living room like that it fits you Cool

Your catma must be working Catman I got the pill in him just after he woke up before he could really run and he did try to but I got him off guard this time. He swallowed much faster without barely a struggle, though he did struggle to get away but gave quickly after I slobbered all over him by kissing his little face and nose. I try not to do that because of germs but I had to do something to calm him before he completely woke up with rocket paws strength. I'm getting so desperate I even asked that guy St. Francis to help me out what a traitor I am, huh. Well I am desperate at this point.

They are both going to a new Vet this Sat. Well new to them. I used to go to this Vet years ago and didn't like what they did to my Kitty they hurt her because she wouldn't urinate. I screamed at them and said she hasn't had anything to drink you idiots so of course she won't pee!! stop doing that to can't squeeze out what's not there!! Then I didn't like the sub Vet who had an attitude when I had to put down due to kidney failure, she was in so much pain I knew I had to. I reported him to the owner Vet. I know they will take good care of Trixie and Norton because all they need is to stay in the cage and get fed, watered, and medication nothing else for bordering. Most people use that for when they go on vacation but I want it for the medication. It's hard for me to do alone.

I got all their paper work, records copied and ready. this Vet (hospital) will boarder them for up to a week for me at a cost of $28.00 a day much better than the other hospital he stayed at they charged $128.00 a day!! I have to have them stay there if they need medication for ear infections because I will have too much trouble, as you know, getting them. I can't risk anymore relapses in medication and sickness. I'm going to ask if they have some kind of guideline of itemized costs for different proceedures such as MRI's, EKG's, etc. I hope I can get them both in the carriers. I know what I'm in for since they both flew under the bed when I took them out to have ready for Saturday. They sure do learn fast and never ever forget.

Oh and I don't normally listen to music on the computer but I just felt like it last night. Normally they are in silence day and night. I hardly ever have music, TV or sound in the apt. they must be getting used to it. I hope it doesn't make them crazy being in so mucb silence but then they do hear me typing and other stuff with the exceptional hearing they have.

And another EDIT: I swear these two little rascals can be a handful sometimes. Trixie got a hold of a rubber band the thin kind and Norton took it from her and now I can't find it. I think he ate it. I better let the Vet know about it just in case. The last thing I need is for him to have a rubber band in his intestines. Sheesh I would expect that from Trixie though she never eats rubber bands, only plays with them. She steels them from my books.
Edited by Sinny on 11/13/2008 19:40
I didn't know anything was wrong with Trixie, or that you were going to have to take them to the vet's to stay (or did I misunderstand you?). I thought Norton was getting better and that you had already given him the last pill he would need. I never had all that much trouble "getting them", although they can find hiding places where you wouldn't imagine they would be. Cats are quite clever about things they care about.

I used to wear old leather gloves when I had to administer medicine to my cats; it makes it a lot easier when they decide to use their arsenal.

Rubber bands are bad news. I try to keep them away from my cats, although they aren't very interested in them any more.

My cats like my tuba, but they don't like the bass trombone. Everyone is a critic!

"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
Bob of QF
Sinny wrote:
And another EDIT: I swear these two little rascals can be a handful sometimes. Trixie got a hold of a rubber band the thin kind and Norton took it from her and now I can't find it. I think he ate it. I better let the Vet know about it just in case. The last thing I need is for him to have a rubber band in his intestines. Sheesh I would expect that from Trixie though she never eats rubber bands, only plays with them. She steels them from my books.

I had a cat that routinely ate rubber bands.

They seemed to pass through him harmlessly, and would end up entangled in his poo. Was actually kinda funny, seeing those non-digestible bands in there...

Unless something's wrong with your cat's digestive system, eating a rubber band or three should prove harmless in the end. If you're really worried, just pay attention to the litter box for the next coupla days. It ought to show up there.
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I want to be sure Trixie doesn't have any ear infections because both of them, the other night, where scratching and shaking their heads with their ears down. That's a sure sign, if they keep it up, there's something going on in the ears. Norton needs a follow up anyway and I just want to make sure Trixie is in good health too not to mention that making sure that I'm not getting paranoid about them. Norton seems to be straightening out his head a little more. Though he does get that tilted head now and then still. I hope the infection didn't get into his bone but time will tell about that.

I only got 5 out of 7 pills in him until four days later I got the 6th pill in him. the seventh pill he choked up. I also got on liquid in him but most of that came up too.... this means he only got 5 straight days of the medicine and he was suppose to get 7 days straight through. that could cause a relapse and make him go back to square one. This disease Norton has is very tricky and deceiving just when you think he's going to be ok he goes right back into a relapse. I got as much as I could in him but he did better at out running me until he oculdn't anymore and by that time we had to start all over again. then on the 4 thay, usually, he feels better and I can't get the rest of the meds in him and he gets as many scratches in me. He nailed me pretty good in the chest and nearly got my face a few times. That's why I go for the back of his neck to immobilize him. Thanks for the idea of having the peroxide handy Wink

I can't find that other rubber band anywhere but it's possible Norton ended up loosing it under one of the appliances. I hope so anyway. Just to be safe I will check their bowels *yuck* or better yet let the vet do that if I don't see the rubber band. It's hightly unlikely anyone of them ate it but just to be safe and while already at the vets. The rubber band could twist into their intestines and possibly kill them, at least when kittens, within a few days or so. My two have about 7 more months to go to be full grown.
Rubber bands usually pass through (and are passed) without difficulty, but they have been known to occasionally cause fatal problems. I wonder how many of them have been eaten by my cats over the years without my noticing.

Seriously, you might try wearing some of sort of tough gloves (that you don't mind being scratched up). When you have to force a cat to do something it doesn't like, a glove is a good thing to have available. I have had a couple of cats over the years who actually enjoyed playing rough with my hand, and I learned in a hurry that their reflexes were much faster than mine (as if there were ever any doubt). I couldn't have played with them without a glove. One of them, a Manx, ripped a leather glove to shreds. He didn't fool around.
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
You know it's funny Catman it's not like he even tries to scratch me it's just that he's trying to push me for leverage to get away. Well here I am today on the computer waiting for him to come out of hiding. He usually does that when I'm on the computer but not today noooo not when I have to catch him to put him in the carrier. I swear he knows. Trixie is easier but not Norton he's too paranoid now after what he's been through. They both stopped shaking their heads and scratching their ears but scratched close enough just not in the ear so that's a good thing. If I can't get him then I just have to wait until he gets so bad when he doesn't have the speed, strength to get away and then I will keep him in the hospital for 7 days straight this time.

I can't let myself worry anymore. I have ear infections myself and the antibiotics cause other problems for me. Now I have to get to the pharmacy for my meds and other off the counter products because of the side effects of the antibiotics. So I will just have to wait it out with him. I'm concerned about Trixie too but she seems fine the last 2 nights so maybe I'm just paranoid at this point. Over protective pussy cat mommy here. I must be loosing it for me to ask a St. Francis if your there and are real help my Norton.

The two of them were fighting again last night LOL. I noticed he only swayed just slightly when he ran after her and met face to face so maybe he's at the end of this horrible stage and his head isn't as crooked like it was before. That's the last thing to stop the tilted, crooked head. I'm not sure about the slight swaying. He fell on his side too when he tried to jump up on the table and lost his balance. Knucklehead thought he could jump right up from the floor and into the carrier on the table. He likes to hang out in it on his own terms, when he feels safe enough to. But try to get him in when he has a Dr. appt. sheesh it's like going through world war 3 with him.

The good thing is though last night he came up to me on the bed and decided to walk up my side and plopped himself between my ribs and hip LOL. Still cautious he let me put my arm around him and gently pet him. I can try that today but I take the high risk that he won't trust me enough to come up to me anymore when he finally feels safe enough to try. It's a shame he has to get to the point of not other choice, not having strength for him to let me get him help. Yeah gloves is a good idea especially now that the scratches can be deadly to me because of my disease. I have to watch with my feet too. good thing Trixie doesn't bite hard enough to pierce my skin. She likes it when I move my foot around for her to chase after. Norton want's to join in but he's too afraid to and he always was slower than her. I swear he's so jealous of her.

I still can't find the exact rubber band. I think it might be the one that's under the dryer. I know I cleaned under there a while ago but can't remember if they got another one since. It could be the one from the other night or not. I checked their bowels and see nothing so I will just have to wait this out too.

I think cats are professional critics. If we say it's not good for them they give it a thumbs up and vice versa LOL.
Kittens aren't necessarily showing illness when they slip and fall. Sometimes they are simply learning the limits of what they can do.

You have ear infections? I'm sorry to hear that. What sort of side effects do the antibiotics cause, if they are mentionable on a public forum? I have an idea of what they might be, and if that's what they are, I can understand your not wanting to talk about it.

Do Norton and Trixie fight with bad intentions, or do they just play hard? They might be setting up who is boss.
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
Well it's possible he was already on the table and with all the stuff on the table he slipped and fell. That would explain his falling and landing on his side instead of on his feet. I looked just in time to see him falling in mid air and on his side. I sometimes think how the heck is he still alive with all the falling he does not to mention the weight he lost too. I think his slight swaying when chasing her might be because he's not comepletely healed yet and all the running just aggrevates it. I hope it's temporary.

Trixie always comes over to me when I'm on the computer and goes after me. Jumping up to get my attention so I move my foot and she goes after it. Now Norton see's this and decides he wants in on the action and the fight starts. He never cared before. I think they took turns with me before but lately since he got sick he gets upset when she comes near me while I'm on the computer. A lot of times lately they just give each other a look and the chase is on. He gets too rough with biting her that gets me telling both of them to stop. Trixie will even just give me a pleading look as if to say see what he's doing then comes to me when I stop him. He just came over to us now and chased Trixie away from me so she jumped up on the high dresser LOL. She's the ruler princess now. At least when I had a splitting headache and my sinuses felt like they were going explode this afternoon Norton came to bed with me and just wouldn't leave me alone. Sure any other time he runs like rocket paws but when I'm not feeling well, in bed and can barely move he decides he wants rubs and hugs. Of course I gave in then finally fell asleep. I woke up to the two of them jumping on the bed going at each other but this time Trixie wasn't screaming out for help so they must have been playing. Either that or she decided to join me and he said no way. I wonder if my size is freighting him too not just the fear of going in the carrier or meds. I figure I'm about 5 feet tall and he's on the floor that could be scary to some cats. Not Trixie though she was and still is quite a brave little kitty. Norton likes to show off how he can jump too. He couldn't when he was 4-6 months but Trixie could so now he makes up for it. He sure does want to be the dominant one...Trixie was until he got bigger LOL. I warned her to be nice to him he'll get bigger one day she'll be sorry but did she listen LOL.

Yes it is a personal female side effect I get from antibiotics. Add that to the pouring rain all day with what that's doing to my sinus's and head. Aspirin and other over the counter meds help.
Cats are tough, resilient little critters. If Norton is still very thin and weak, that would explain the wobbling.

I've had cats compete for my attention before. They can get jealous, especially if you're not careful about giving each of them roughly equal attention. If you pointedly ignore one and love all over the other, the ignored one may get ticked off about it. They are likely still working out their relationship too, and kittens love to play, but their playing is make-believe hunting practice, so it can get rough. Domestic cats still have a lot of jungle cat in them.
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
Catman you are absolutly right they are resilient and he is much thinner, his side bulge, I used to see when looking straight down at him, is gone. I also noticed a few days after taking him home that he was thinner on the sides by his back legs, he sinks in where he didn't before that. Yeah his slight swaying but not quite fully wobbling when chasing Trix is due to his being weaker now and still in recovering stage. I went to them when they just got done cleaning each other and Norton ran but then stopped and had the cutest look on his face when he realized he, once again, got scared for no reason LOL. After I hugged Trix he came following after me and finally lay down on the pink blanket for rubs, which he got something like a gazillion of LOL.

I don't want to speak too soon but it does look like I have him back Grin All three of us had play time when I changed the bed sheets and Norton did his little antics he did before getting sick. First time in over 3 weeks he did that. He even did his thumper routine with his left back leg and the fish out of water routine showing off his cute belly Grin It's been, I think, 4-5 days since his last pill and he's now back to playful fun time. He wasn't like that the last time he had meds. Your catma with the meds worked Catman WinkCool

The only reason I can type now without Trix jumping up at me is because they are both tuckerd out now from play time with me. CoolGrinGrinGrinGrin I hope this is the end of his sickness for another 10-15 years at least.

And I took my last antibiotic this morning and used the other over the counter meds so I should be good to go in about 3 more days. Grin Plus I got the guy downstairs to help me with the other apt. to have ready for the new tenant so I'm doing ok with that now. Sheesh running a business isn't easy but well worth it to keep a roof over my head and my two little furry babies. Now to buy a few new toys for them. Cool

No faccuuming today or anytime for at least another week until I am sure he's strong enough to handle the stress Wink
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I always like happy endings. Good for you Sinny!
I'll drink to that. Or anything else for that matter.
I hope the illness is over. Now it's time to fatten him up.
Sinny: That is great news, both about Norton and about you. If you need more catma, just let me know. I hope you don't. No more relapses!

As you seem to have found out, kitties are a lot easier to deal with if you play with them and use up some of their overabundant energy. Besides, they enjoy it and may bond with you more. My nearly 14-year-ols cats still like to play with the cat toy which consists of a 3-foot plastic rod with streamers at the end. Cats cannot resist anything that is very thin and light with rapid movements (string, ribbon, recording tape, etc.).
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
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