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My cats.
Hey cat try a twistie tie from loaf of bread or anything with a twistie tie. They go nuts with them. Also straws..Oh do they ever have fun wit h that. Every once in a while I let them have a roll of paper towels thats somewhat close to the end. I discovered one day how much both of them have a blast with it. Norton stands about 4-5 feet away and then runs towards it to put his little head in the opening end and pushes it clear across the room, then Trixie does the same. They are hysterical to watch having so much fun. Cool

Note: only do this if you know you have time to clean it up and have a gopher for picking up the little shreds in nearly every room LOL.
I got them this toy but accidently washed the mouse LOL. It still works but my floor is old and sometimes it gets stuck. I put an empty box of canned soda, th elong rectangle shape, on the floor and made it go in the box. They went nuts trying to get that mouse out of the box.

I'm saving up for a new kitchen floor someday and they will have so much fun with that mouse going so much faster on a good floor. One thing though the rubber on the little wheels sometimes comes loose and it has to be reshaped on the wheels, other than that good to go. They always know when I'm going to play this with them. They can hear it recharge on the cheese recharger. Imagine them just staring at me anxiously awating the hunt.

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Be careful with those twisty ties from bread packages. My cats like to play with them too, but I'm afraid they may present a choking hazard. I'd hate for one of the cats to get one stuck in its throat. The wire would be very dangerous.

You washed the mouse? There are lots of different mouse toys, probably hundreds. Does it run on batteries or do you wind it?
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I used to think that to Catman but then I watched them one day and sawa they never tried to eat it they picked it up and carried it and swatted it clear across the kithcen floor. Trixie was the first to get one when she was old enough. I wouldn't dare let them when they were only a few months old or she would have tried to eat it. Everything went into her little mouth when she was 4-6 months old.
I saw them playing with something last night and found it was a piece of silicone about 4-5 inches long they were tossing around back and forth to each other and chewing on it. I took it away real fast that's too dangerous. The chewing is what made me wonder what is that they have. I had work done on the bathtub and silicone caulk is what was used. Little stinkers found a piece for the garbage. How I have no clue they never go in the garbage. Must have fallen out on the floor.

Yeah the mouse accidently got mixed up with the laundry and....well....I washed it LOL. The AA bateries go into the back of the cheese shaped remote. Sometimes Trixie goes after the antenna on the remote LOL. They got the mouse today when it wasn't in motion. they sure do like that mousie even when I'm not home to play with them. I think they think it will move when they touch it LOL.
Bob of QF
Cat riding on one of those robotic sweeping machines....

Quantum Junction: Use both lanes

Reality is that which is left, after you stop believing.
Bob: That is one calm cat! My cats hate the vacuum cleaner and hide when they hear it. I can't imagine them riding on one of those.

Sinny: I dunno about that. They might try to eat the twisty while you're not watching. I don't think silicone caulk would be nearly as dangerous, although it wouldn't do them any good. With regard to the mouse, they may think it's asleep, which in a sense it is. Is it permanently damaged?
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
Bot that is funny. I laughed watching the cat ride on it. I thought about getting one of those to vacuum my carpets during the day when I'm at work. I thuoght twice when I realised how skittish and almost afraid of nearly everything Norton is. He's such a big baby LOL.

Hey Cat you are right the twistie tie is dangerous if they do eat one. I keep watch on them when I let them have one. I'll be more careful from now on with them. This is one reason I need more toys for them. The long string of rubbery silicone is too tempting for them the chew and swallow. They don't like wire or anything too hard that they can't break or large but the soft rubbery silicone is just too much for them to resist. The mouse that is charged by the remote with batter is not damaged at all. It still can be recharged and runs. I just have to now and then re-adjust the little tiny hard rubber on wheels. The two back wheels move to make it turn corners and the kitchen floor is worn a bit so it does need a nice smooth surface to run really good. Though it does run on the carpet too just a lot slower. I bet that's exactly what they think....It's sleeping LOL. Every now and then I find that little furry mouse in another room. I have to find where they put the remote. It's not that large that they couldn't paw it or even pull it by the antenna with their little teeth. I know those two little Rascals took it. I always leave it on the side table where I use it to play with them. Hey get this I caught Trixie looking for toys in their toy box today. It was so cute to watch them. I took the box top of a box used for paper it's about 2" high and 14" long. Just the perfect size for them to find what they want. I used to use the box itself, not the top, but found it was too high for them to see what's in it without actually haveing to bend their little heads inside to see. I took a picture of it. When I get the chance I'll post it here along with the mouse wheels so you can see what I mean about the rubber coming off. I'll bet your boys would like chasing that mouse too catman. Even theough they are a little older you could put it on the carpet if you have one to slow it down some for them WinkGrin
Hey Sinny - I'm so happy to hear Norton is back to his cute, silly little self and it looks as though he's going to be okay. I sure hope he stays that way, and I hope Trixie doesn't have an ear infection going on. Tell her there are some things they just can't share!

Maggie loves rubber bands, and she'll play with one from one end of the house to the other, but she doesn't eat them. Fortunately I think she has better 'taste' than that. Grin

What she really loves are my hair ties, and she'll go to great lengths to try to get to them. Some days - and always when I'm in a hurry - I'll look through several of them trying to find one she hasn't snagged with her claws. I'll say, 'Oh Mags, doggone it', and she'll blink, yawn and then lie down and bathe herself. Sigh.

I take the twist ties away from her if she gets hold of one, because sometimes the paper or plastic comes off and then all that's left is the wire and I don't want her to get poked. She loves to play in boxes, paper or plastic bags, and it's amazing how many ordinary household items make fabulous (and free) cat toys.

Too bad it can't be the same way with the dogs, but then we'd never have an entire pair of shoes to wear.

Hope you're feeling better now Sinny.

Sinny: I took the liberty of removing the earlier version of your double post.

My cats love to play with the plastic ring that comes on a milk bottle which is superfluous once it is opened. There is no danger of their being able to swallow it, and it is very light and bounces around when they play with it. My cats are big babies and are afraid of anything motorized.
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
I've decided I'm not going to let them play with the twist ties anymore. I figure what if they get one when I'm not home to watch them, gasp. Catman is right they could swallow it even if they don't in front of me, it could be by accident, I can't be around them 24/7 as much as I'd like to. What a great idea using the milk carton tops Smile I use the tops to the water bottles. They especially like them with the open side up for a better grip. I have a box I keep just for them. Trixie likes to hide in it while Norton tries to get her LOL. All of a sudden I see here cute little pussy cat face peak out when he hides behind it waiting to pounce the second she attempts to come out.. LOL. I won't let them in plastic shopping bags because they could get stuck in it if they roll around inside it. If it's one rare one without a whole at the end that could lead to disaster. Plus Norton could easily sit on her while Trixie is inside more so than the other way around since Norton is stronger. I was going to give them the inside of the soy milk that you pull out but I thought twice because it's very small though I could be behaving over protective with that. Trixie loves my hair ties too he she's so funny to watch. You know what I noticed is that they don't jump up on the counter yet. I know I keep a lot stuff on it most of the time but it surprises me that they haven't tried that yet. My paper towels roll is about halfway through I think I will allow them to tear at it Friday night just for fun. Another thing I like to do is roll up a piece of foil, I make sure there are not sharp edges, nice and round or kind of flat and throw it on the kitchen floor and vrrrroooommm their off to see who gets it first.

Hey Catman maybe they are afraid of motorized toys because they weren't introduced to them when kittens. I have a funny feeling, knowing myself, my two will be used to almost every kind. I just read online about a man who two kitties have 74 cat toys LOL. I read it in a comment in about a new "mouse in the house" motorized toy. It's way too expensive and too small and slow for the price. My little Norton boy is back to himself again. He jumps up on dresser and meows. Then meows out of nowhere just to be a chatter box and is now on my lap looking up at me while I type while Trixie hides from him LOL. I am so happy after what we went through it just doesn't get better Smile Except if I could only stop smoking for all of us.
You could be right about my cats being afraid of motorized toys. I imagine your mouse is much less intimidating than the remote-control car I tried them out with. It scared them half to death. I also tried a battery-operated round ball that wobbles around when it is turned on, and they didn't care for that either. However, they were abandoned to their own devices while kittens and were rescued (by my ex-MIL), so they had an unpleasant kittenhood.

As fot the danger of the twisties, I may have exaggerated it, but it seems to me that even if the kitties were right in front of you and one of them got one stuck in its throat, it might do a lot of damage.

Plastic shopping bags are a menace, both to your pets and to wildlife. I especially hate those plastic rings that hold six-packs together.
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
You're both right about the plastic grocery bags, and Maggie only gets to play with them when we're right with her. She never has one other wise. She does get caught in the handles - and it's really cute - but if one of us wasn't with her while she was playing to rescue her, it could definitely be hazardous. So those are always put away in the kitchen, in a cabinet, and only one taken out for her to play with, under supervision.

We have a remote control mouse for Maggie like the one Sinny has, and Maggie absolutely loves it. But the last time she played with it and I put it on the charger, it didn't charge right. So I put it away until I could take a look at it, and I never have had the time to check it out. I'll get around to doing that pretty soon, and Maggie will be thrilled when (if) it's working again.

Unfortunately the kitchen floor has a pattern that's kind of 'embossed' into it, and it makes the mouse fall over when it goes fast. But Maggie doesn't seem to care, really - she takes advantage and attacks it, just like when it's moving. LOL. The pile of the carpet is too thick to run it on, so the kitchen floor is the only place where it can be used.

Maybe if I spread out some newspaper or cardboard or something... yeah, that's it. Then she'll have a mouse and newspaper to play with. Grin

Cat - I like the idea of giving the cats the ring from the milk jug to play with - I'll try to remember that when I open the next one.

Cats love anything light and non-threatening that bounces erratically when attacked. Back in the days of recording tape, I used to have lots of fun dragging a piece of it around and watching the cats attack it.

I'm going to keep my eyes open for the next cat show in Fort Worth. There are always lots of neat toys for sale there, plus I get to see all the beautiful show cats. And it's fun talking to all the cat fanatics.
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
Sewing patterns-my cats love em! They start getting all wild-eyed and prowling around my ankles when I start to take one out of the package, and as soon as a sheet of it comes out and gets unfolded there is much pouncing and stalking! Zoe gets herself all rolled up in it and pounces at whoever walks by, because of course we cannot SEE her (yeah, right-big fat white cat wrapped in tissue paper-totally invisible) I used the part I needed out of one the other day and left the rest for them, and I'll hear them in there bouncing around on it now and again. Is much fun for kitties, they told me so.

Mine have no claws though, so there is minimal shredding. Tissue paper disoolves easily, usually after a taste of it they have no desire to bite it again, at least once they finally get the paper off their tongues! LOL!
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Awwww. Aren't they just so proud of themselves when they 'help'?

Ha Ha I could just see and hear them in my mind Schmoo. I had this funny thought after reading your post of sewing patterns for pussy cats LOL. Mine have no claws either but needle teeth and jaws of break your bones bite real good.
Hey Cat I put one of those plaistic rings from a milk carton on the floor and Norton had the time of his life playing with it. Smile Now I can't find where he lost it LOL. Looks like I'm going to have to buy more milk. Oh almost forgot when I used to work late at my other job we had meetings and ordered cans of soda with those plastic rings. I used to cut up every single one of them and I still cut up the plastic on the boxes of paper, even though that is just a straight line of plastic, that comes around the box of paper. I figure that could easily get twisted in the garbage and do the same damage/harm to wildlife.
You want to have the time of your life with your cat? Go to Walmart (or whatever) and buy yourself one of those childs spinning reel/fishing pole packages. The pole is only about 2 1/2 feet long. And they only cost a few bucks. Then get yourself one of those little stuffed grey mouses and tie it to the end of the line. Then all you do is 'cast' the mouse across the room and slowly reel it back across the floor until it gets the cat's attention. Then when he makes a leap for it you lightly jerk it out of the way at the last second and watch your cat go absolutely ape shit. Oh, such fun. They will play that game for hours.
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I'll drink to that. Or anything else for that matter.
Good idea, derF. I've done that before with a 'real' fishing rod & reel with just a sinker on the end, and that was good enough, but a fake mouse would be even better.

Sinny: That is the main problem with cat toys; they always wind up under a piece of furniture or behind something. I've found them years after they disappeared. And congrats on cutting up the potentially hazardous plastic, especially those damnable six-pack rings.
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
I always cut them up too. We don't need strangled wildlife, even if we've already strangled them in plenty of other ways. Sad

Cats don't approve.
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