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Religion in Politics
We've given this subject a fair airing during the campaigning. Here's a note just sent out by Americans United for Septaration of Church and State that I thought would interest folks here.

[i]***The Religious Right's access to power in Washington, D.C., has been seriously diminished, but its divisive influence at the state and local level remains deeply problematic, according to an election analysis by Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

And just to cheer things up a little ... there's some fun to be had with our doomsday buddies over at RaptureReady, who are now convinced they are in the End Days with a new president they call 'The Obamanation' (catchy, eh?).

It's hard to believe these people exist at all. But exist they do. And, sadly, because their prayers for an end of the world will not be granted, they will probably be with us always.

Anyway -- if you're ready for some light relief, here ya go folks ...


Have fun. Neil
Hopefully they just become marginalized as the crazies they were before Reagan made them a political force
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