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Informed Consent & Refusal
A classmate and I were tasked with giving a lecture on informed consent and refusal. I ran across our lecture handouts and thought I'd share them here for anyone that may have any (even remote) curiosity in the [sarcasm]amazingly intriguing area of informed consent[/sarcasm].

**NOTE: I was going to paste it here but it would have just looked like crap without proper formatting so I uploaded it to Mediafire**

BTW, it's in MSWord format:

[url=]Informed Consent and Refusal Lecture Handout[/url]
Can's seem to download this, SS. Any chance you could put it up in the 'articles' pages for us under the appropriate heading? Sounds interesting. Cheers. Neil
I downloaded it without trouble. I can load it in articles later today if squid doesn't.
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