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Little Big Planet
If any of you have a PS3 you should buy Little Big Planet. It is a great game. You have a little sack character you can customize and make outfits for and they run through the default and custom made levels to collect points and goodies. The levels are kind of like a high tech mario game. You can make levels and decorations and share them with others. Since it's so customizable, there will always be new levels and scenarios to try out. You create your levels, make them public and people can play them. It is awesome. My kids are having a blast with it.
Unfortunately I have an addictive quality when it comes to games. If I got caught up in something like that you might not hear from me for weeks.
I'll drink to that. Or anything else for that matter.
I was wondering about that game. You're the first I've heard to play it, sounds cool. I have the ps3 and XBox 360, and am always looking for something new and interesting. I got totally addicted to the Ratchet & Clank series, to the point that I've played R&C Future to the end numerous times. I just LOVE the witting, humor and the beautiful grafixs in R&C.
derF - I have the same problem with the added feature that eventually I burn out on them and never play them again.
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