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How safe?
As my wife, Suzanne, and I rejoiced in the nomination of Obama last Tuesday and were listening to his victory speech my wife made a statement that I took lightly at first and then had to give more thought to. She said, "I just hope we can keep him safe."

Bush had little to worry from the democratic party when he won the presidency but I fear Obama is going to have to deal with some extremely angry and violent right wing nut jobs who might consider it their duty to rid America of this embarrassment. I just hope that the secret service realizes this too and increases their manpower and vigilance for our new president. Like it or not, this new president of ours is a lightening rod for emotions.
I'll drink to that. Or anything else for that matter.
I agree that Obama is a lightning rod, but I think that mearly being the U.S. President makes one a target in someones eyes. Reagan was a big a fundie as we've had in the modern age as a prez, but that didn't dissuade a nutjob like Hinkley.
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