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Star Trek XI
It got a great review locally. I'm going to see it soon!
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catman wrote:
It got a great review locally. I'm going to see it soon!

I cant wait. Im goin with friends tomorrow... I will of course come back and give you my thoughts! Grin
Okay.. I saw Star Trek.. It quite frankly is brilliant in many ways. I had a few problems that I wont mention here because it might ruin it for someone who hasnt seen it yet... (PM me if you wanna know)... but JJ Abrams is a genius with how he reinvented it.

Annnnd I am gonna start a interesting poll because I am curious....
Just watched the movie this afternoon and I only have one word to offer......

B I T C H I N G ! ! ! !
I'll drink to that. Or anything else for that matter.
Is that "bitchin'", as in really cool, or "bitching" as in what you did after watching it? Smile

I saw it this weekend. Very good, I though, though its a shame they decided so many scientific and logical problems were necessary to advance their plot. Ordinarily, travel between systems days days, weeks, and months. This one seemed to assume "however much time is necessary to handle X amount of dialogue". The most egregious problem is rather spoilery so I won't mention it yet.

Anyway, despite problems it more than overcomes them as being just damned entertaining.
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