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British National Party
Over here in the Uk we have a few democratic parties, the three leaders being the Conservative party, Labour party and Liberal democrats.

Yet there are also groups such as the British National party. Although this is a small group they shocked the political world by winning a seat in an area of the UK.

It is not a party for the thinking person, and many of its policies are driven by hatred for people of differing skin colour and nationality.

They reject that they have connections with the National Front, a specifically activist racist group, responsible for many a race riot, but the connections are there, being exposed by documentaries and leaked meetings.

Recently an Excel document of some of the BNPs members was leaked, and it has made its way to the internet.

I have read through some of it, mainly to see if there was anyone I know signed up as a member.

Amongst the details of names and home addresses are land line numbers and mobile phone numbers, email addresses and hobbies and interests.

Although I personally would not use any of this information to make their lives uncomfortable I can see that some people would, we will just have to wait and see what the news shows.
I just searched the document for physics graduates, and there were more than ten amongst this list, there are also other seemingly educated people amongst the list, philosophers, psychologists, historians etc.

It is once again a thing of compartmentalization, I would love for people to take a weekend away from the world and seriously think about all of their opinions and the logical consequences of said opinions.

I wonder how many evolutionary biologists are on there.
As a young man I was involved with campaigns against racist groups. Even then I very naively believed the BNP were a legitimate political party but with dodgy opinions. I even attended a couple of 'public meetings' to speak counterpoint. Fortunately I only got murdered metaphorically in debate. Repugnant views delivered articulately to stupid people is a very dangerous combination.

A vocal anti racist friend had lighter fuel tipped through her letterbox while she slept, thankfully it failed to light. Mind you, we had some nutters on our side too, of course we were convinced, conspiratorily, that they were Government stooges --I'm not sure how we concluded that... I digress.

I used to believe their opinions should be silenced, I've come to believe more in reasoned opposition, but it's an uphill battle at times.

Especially from the comfort of my armchair Frown
I believe there's an Anglican Bishop on the list ... and even a Chelsea Pensioner. Other stuff is disturbing -- kids, for isntance, school teachers, policemen, military, according to some internet reports I've seen. Neil
Didn't the Met introduce a rule a few years back that if any of their POlice Officers were BNP members they would be instantly dismissed?
Certainly the case with the National Front, GP. Dunno about the BNP. Did you have a good trip? Neil
Still there lol! we decided to stay an extra week, that's why I'm hardly on, just pop in occasionally to see how things are going! Back in Bonny Edinburgh on Monday.

Here's where I'm being a little daft- I though the BNP was the NF with a name change?
Haha, easy mistake to make.

Heres the people i tend to have beef with: Those that choose a radical view for the sake of appearing fashionably controvercial. A lot of my mates at school (i can think of 5 in my year off the top of my head) call themselves 'socialists' or 'marxists' even though their arguments for political reform completely fall to pieces under close logical criticism. They still maintain their 'beliefs' because most of our peers, frankly, arn't smart enough to get into a debate about it. Some of them dont even bother trying to be convincing and call themselves 'marxists' without knowing who Karl Marx was! Anyway, I imagine the same sort of person can be found supporting the BNP...
Respect, SF.
I work with a guy who calls him self a marxist.

Nice guy, but he doesn't believe in quantum physics, string theory or logic. And he's a terrible hippy- leather, meat eater etc
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