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Wanna Smile?
This actually brought a sentimental tear to my eye ... I'd almost forgotten what sheer fun music can be when you're young and bright. Have fun. Neil

Neil, you're the best! She's a great find, YouTube has so many talented people.

Here's another one I like:


After the song she does abit of talking about her life (vlogging, Cynic Grin)
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Lovely smiles those kids have -- and the happiest-looking lass of all has a fine voice, to boot. Good on 'em. Hope this new idea -- simply having fun -- catches on. I'm a great fan of youthful enthusiasm, hurts me and disappoints me when kids don't feel it. Only realised when I saw your clip, Skeeve, that she seems to have a following outsdide her room, too. Neil

PS: Although she's blonde, she's my dark-haired daughter Kirsty's double when she was that age (not too long ago). N
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Very nice indeed. It gives me some hope for the future of music. It's a helluva lot better than the doom-laden stuff that many kids listen to. I had no idea that ukelele had such popularity.

The second one mentioned that she is taking a course on The Beatles. Cool! That is analogous to me taking a course on Bix Beiderbecke when I was her age. (If you don't know who that was, he was a very fine and inventive jazz cornetist who died in 1931.)
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Bob of QF
Okay, I'm hooked. I like talent.

Anyone notice she's doing the main voice, and the harmony too? By re-recording the 2nd, 3rd voices, etc. Love technology. Smile (the earpiece she wears on the 2nd/3rd parts is presumably how she keeps in time)
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