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Mirroring People
Has anyone here read the book Mirroring People, by Marco Iacoboni?

It's one that Sam Harris recommended a few months ago. His review of it made it sound particularly interesting to me, so I bought it and read most of the first chapter. However, I put it down due to time and energy constraints going on then.

I'm now catching up on reading, and although I still haven't had time to pick up this book again, I will, at some point in the near future.

I don't want anyone to give away the entire story of the book, but if anyone here has read it I'd like to know what you thought of it over all. My impressions from what I've read so far is that it's definitely an interesting subject and I want to continue reading to learn more about the research and the results. Something that struck me as annoying, though, was that I thought the author kept reiterating the point of the research during the first chapter to the point that I really grew tired of it.

Did anyone who read the book think the same thing?

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Hypatia wrote:

lol, nope. I haven't read it.
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