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Flat-Earthers still out there
Nails3Jesus0 wrote:
catman wrote:
In addition, simply because some serious-minded ounce-brains take a site seriously doesn't mean that it is meant to be taken seriously.Wink

Yep. Remember the right-wing anti-abortionist fundie blogger (RWAAFB, for short) that took an Onion artical about a woman that wanted to have multiple abortions for "fun" and took it seriously? He railed against the artical in his own blog, not knowing what the nature of the Onion was, he spewed hatred and vitriol and said this was a typical pro-choicer, blah, blah, blah... The replies to his rant on his blog site were priceless. In fact, there were so many, and were so funny, someone decided to archive all the responses before he could erase them from his blog. Here's a link:


I remember this a while back. What a ride hahahah

I think the flat earth site is fake. one thing that calls out is it is not a TLD or Top Level Domain. The is a TLD. ANYONE CAN AFFORD A YEAR of a TLD. If they are too cheap to do so then there are probably only a few dumb broke ass people. Probably using an internet caf
That's right, I said it...
While that second website was probably a parody, the flat earth society is all too real. If you can believe it, a Marine that I traveled half way around the world with and back was a Flat Earther. Only once was there a real argument and I was kind of trying to drive in a HMMWV over the speeds it should have been able to go (yeah, we drilled the regulator). Either way, our captain (well, everyone else also) was arguing with him and he was pretty calm and resolute about his absurdities. I must say that although he sounded retarded, he sounded pretty confident in his ways. Even after being to Okinawa, Korea, Hong Kong, and back with us. He and the captain both stopped. Heath (I'll use his first name though we only used our last) was content that he stumped everybody, but what really happened was that just as arguing with fundies except worse because even the proof that we had experienced together was not enough for this person. He was convenced that the curves we saw in the earth were merely caused by the mountains and hills, nothing more. Examples of being in the desert seeing the top of the mountains more than forty miles away with no hills yet sunk down wasn't proof for him. He was dead air carrying commands but incabable of really hearing them for what they were. He was the paradox that was him. We never argued it again, but knowing the guy for over three years, I can tell you he was dead serious about that. I can tell you it's not something to laugh at because someone who believes that is truely a mess in their heads. I would almost feel a sorrow for the guy, but there are so many other stories from this guy alone that will come out later that will make you wonder how his was ever a Marine in the first place.
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I'm sure that there are always some people who are such nutcases that they will take almost anything (or any site) seriously, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the site was actually intended to be taken seriously. You gotta admit that it's doing well at being all things to all people: a source of amusement to the sane ones, and something to be serious about for the complete basket cases.
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Cynic wrote:
Never underestimate people's capacity to be stupid and gullible. Smile

Ah, The View. It's like The Man Show, only it's not intended as parody... :rolleyes:

I don't know why Barbra Walters doesn't just get up in the middle of a show, throw her hands up, and say "Forget it! This was obviously a bad idea! Cut!"

Better yet get up and slap them. :yes:
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