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Students to be taught there's no God
Bob of QF
I want to move to Australia... Grin


VICTORIAN state primary school students will soon be able to take religious education classes which teach there is no evidence God exists.

The Humanist Society of Victoria has developed a curriculum for primary pupils that the state government accreditation body says it intends to approve, The Sunday Age newspaper reported.

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Reality is that which is left, after you stop believing.
That's wonderful! I didn't realize that Australia is so enlightened.
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
It would be great if a class such as this could be taught in the US. The threats and lawsuits from the religious would soon be flying. If they can have voluntary prayer meetings and bible study why can't we have voluntary rational thought and skepticism classes?

I for one would love to see their outrage and the funny PR dance they do to justify why bible class is okay but anti-theistic classes are not.
Oh hell no, not here. I'll be surprised if Bill O'reily isn't already trying organize a boycott of Autralian imports.
I agree. This would NEVER fly in the states. Even if it was a privately funded after school program.
That's right, I said it...
That's fabulous. Hooray for Australia.

We're hardly able to have billboards erected and kept up in the US at this point, how could we possibly hope for something as forward thinking as this for our students?

I want these courses offered in our schools, dammit!

And the billboards.

If the *%#!@ religious can be heard and seen in this country, then so can (and will) we non-believers.

We will. We are. We will.

I'm telling you.


Well they want to teach the bible in Schools and have prayer in Schools. They want to teach the bible academically while they slyly try to add in preaching and claim evolution is false. I say if that's what they want fine then teach the friggin bible academically saying it's all fantasy, no proof for the god and add the fact that there's no proof any of it actually happened and that xtians don't even follow it today...they just cherry pick. How about how the god approves of abortion in the bible and dressing up the xmas tree is pagan not christian. God is a concept and prayer is just wishful thinking. Evolution is false ?!!??well were are the swinging knives the god supposedly put in front of that so called tree of life? Everything created 6000 years ago, bullshit just look at carbon dating, relics, bones, etc. Oh the list could go on.

They can put up billboards and have the 10 commandments, scriptures written all over our courts but we can't put have one single statue without being accused of offending them. We can't even say a simple thing like "don't believe in god you're not alone" This doesn't even say there isn't a god only that there are others who think the same way about the so called god. It's not even opposing religion and they flip out. The US christians have been catered to and pampered far too long.
Bob of QF
I agree, Sinny.

The problem with most beliefs, is that they are carefully taught at a very young age, before a person develops any defensive bullshit-detectors.

Thus, it gets in under the wire/behind the wall.

And never gets re-examined critically again. (for most folk)

Personally, if I were Emperor, I would make it a death peanalty to teach anyone under 18 *any* religious nonsense.

Then, they are free to try to make their case at 18.....

...fundamentalist religions would vanish in a generation.

Oh, sure, you'd still have the UFO's, the psychics, the moderate and progressive religions-- these have some appeal to many folks as an "answer" for the inexplicable.

Not nearly as much harm with those anyway.

It's the rabid zealots who make a mess for everyone, believer, non-believer and atheist alike
Quantum Junction: Use both lanes

Reality is that which is left, after you stop believing.
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