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WTF another pop up saying I have a virus threat
I know this is way late and I don't know if anyone's mentioned it before but along with having an antivirus application I also make use of Malwarebytes which has saved my digital ass more than once although I ran into the InternetSecurity2010 malware not too long ago and that one disables access to Malwarebytes and the task manager and even wouldn't let me boot up in safe mode...that was a nasty one - had to use a combination of things (different process manager+hijack this+lots of poking around system files and the registry)...

Anyhow, I've also tried out the Microsoft Security Essentials and it seems to be okay so far.

Just thought I'd toss some of that info in the ring.
I have found that Avast! + Ad-Aware + Malwarebytes + Windows Firewall has kept my computer safer from many virii these past couple of years.

Some of my friends haven't been so lucky.

I have a laptop next to me at this minute, Squid, that is infected with InternetSecurity2010. I know all the steps and have a thumbdrive to use to stop all the processes i need to and install a clean malwarebytes, but I'm just too lazy.

Now that I put Avast! on my friends other laptop, I'm confident she won't download it again once I get it cleaned up.

Nor will she be clicking any forwarded links from her email without looking either.

Or downloading "toolbars" and "music players" from unknown sites.
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I've been using AVG for a while but I was thinking about looking into another antivirus program. I was thinking of Avast! and also going to look into NOD32 which I've heard some good things about from others.
Avast will block anything and everything on any type of internet connection, Web, email, FTP, IM, P2P, etc...

I haven't seen anything better...and it's free.
"The world is my country, and do good is my religion." - Thomas Paine
Sounds pretty awesome, I'll give it a try for a while then. Thanks for the input!
I started using AVAST about a year ago because it was one of the few AV programs that would work on XP Pro 64. Now I'm running Windows 7 and still using AVAST with no problems.
I now have Verizon internet security it seems to be working but lately I noticed my computer is very slow. It could be that it's getting old now. I hope it's not due to a virus or bot. I update frequently and always check for viruses when it scans automatically.
My computer acheives glacial speeds regularly. It is six years old and only has 512K RAM. I'm going to get a new one soon.
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