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Urgent Messages From FFRF
Is there anyone in the US who may be able to help with either of these two things? These are messages from the Freedom From Religion Foundation. Please look them over, and pass them on to others if you think they may be able to help or can pass them on to anyone else.

We give much discussion to separation of state/church issues, and I think when we have anyone going to bat regarding these issues with our legal/justice system it is imperative that we back them and do what we can to show they aren't alone in wanting the changes they are trying to bring about. I hope you all feel the same way.

[quote]Dear FFRF Member:

While there are some 29 plaintiffs in Michael Newdow's federal challenge of inaugural prayer and religious oath-taking, of which FFRF is a co-plaintiff, a child with a ticket to attend the inaugural still has not been officially identified to be part of the lawsuit. This may be a crucial missing ingredient, as the lawsuit cites Supreme Court precedent against exposing children to government-fostered prayer and ritual.

* If you have a minor child and have tickets to the Inaugural, please contact Mike immediately at:
* If you have a minor child and would like to attend the Inauguration with said child--but do not have tickets, please call your U.S. representative and senators, and ask each member of Congress to put you on the waiting list for tickets. If you are able to travel to D.C., the strategy is to then show up on Monday, Jan. 19 at 3:00 pm at the appropriate building(s), and ask at each office if any tickets are available. You are also advised to call the offices during the Friday beforehand, leaving your names and requesting as sympathetically as possible their help in getting you tickets.
* Alternatively, if you know of someone who is attending the inauguration with a minor child in tow, please pass on this urgent request. (If you belong to area groups often frequented by parents who might be sympathetic, such as local freethought, Unitarian, humanist, feminist, Democratic party, etc., please pass on this request.)

Please contact Mike leaving your name, name of child(ren), full mailing address, email(s), phone no.(s), whether you are an FFRF member or member of another plaintiff group, and clearly stating whether you have a ticket, or that you have contacted senators and rep, etc., at:

Because of deadlines and the upcoming hearing on Jan. 15, please do not contact Mike unless you can directly help!

Thank you for your help!

Annie Laurie Gaylor
Freedom From Religion Foundation
PO Box 750
Madison WI 53701

Freedom From Religion Foundation
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Because of the abuse my family has suffered in the past I would not expose my son to what would undoubtedly bring more death threats.

Perhaps at a later date, but at this time, we are tired of fighting and have decided to keep a low profile for a while. Plus, to be perfectly honest, after the shit that happened with our local atheist group/cult, I am not interested in getting involved with any more Atheist groups. From what I have seen, too many of them have become cults.
I don't believe the child would be named publicly, but either way I certainly understand you, or any other parent, feeling the way you do.

Obviously, as we all well know, it's this exact kind of thing that makes it so 'difficult' - at best - for many atheists to be actively involved in doing what we know needs to be done, and that stinks so much it's beyond description.

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