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Photos: Moon, Jupiter & Venus
I debated whether to post these here in the 'Science' forum, or in the 'Lounge'. I finally chose 'Science' because they're astronomy related, however loosely so. If the powers that be decide this isn't the appropriate place for them then so be it.

These are some pictures I took of the moon, Jupiter and Venus when they were all grouped together, on the night of December 1st. Considering I took them from our back yard, using a digital camera, they came fairly decent.

In one or two the telephone pole and lines that so intrusively block our view are visible, but at least the light pollution is relatively low, for being in a back yard.





Very nice photos, even with the digicam. I've always liked looking at Venus.
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Very nice, Hypatia! Digital cameras are great for astrophotography.
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Thanks guys. Glad you enjoyed them.

Your pacman is going the wrong way. Do you have ghosts chasing you? Just kiddin'. Nice Pictures.

Huh? You talkin' to me?

Heh heh. Well, I've always been backwards anyway.

Tanks jayon.

Nice pictures. I love astronomy and space. It really puts the petty problems of society into perspective.
Thanks GP.

I agree with you. Something else that does the same thing for me is ocean life - deep sea life. I love it. Both space and ocean life are fascinating, and can quickly help put 'us' into perspective with everything else around us.


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Glad that's settled. Hypatia, it continues to amaze me that any life can exist at the extreme pressures in the lower depths of the oceans. Absolutely astonishing.
Quite agreed Cat. The marine life at those depths managing to adapt to the lack of sunlight, along with the incredible pressure of the water, is amazing.

The balance of life being so delicate, yet so adaptable and durable is indeed a wonder.
Bob of QF
Cool beans!

One of the nicer things that digital photography has enabled, is experimentation.

When all we had was film-- expensive (relatively), you took more time with each shot, but you missed possible opportunities because you thought, "naah, that will never turn out".

But with digital, where each shot is free--only costs if you print it-- you take several shots per each situation.

And you discover cool stuff that way...

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