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Obama seems to want religion out of gov't.
He looks a bit younger here, so this may be old. I hope he still believes in the separation of church and state and wants to keep religious whackos out of power.


I just looked at the page of the person who posted this video and I almost died laughing. They are a whackjob!!!!


Edited by RayvenAlandria on 01/24/2009 01:39
I'd like to see that straight through without the cuts. I liked the look on Obama's face just before the cut at 1:25 about how radical the bible is and our own defense system. The crowd went nuts but then immediately after a cut came in. Probably to cut down on the length of cheering. I liked that people cheered at 4:38-39 I think even some theists are tired of it too just not enough to stop it.

Yeah the poster is a wackaloon no doubt. Trying to make Obama look like a devil. Glad it didn't work on us voters.
I hope he still believes the same way he did then and backs it up with actions.

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