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God damn it all the way to Hades. Working on a webpage for my new Skeptics in the Pub meeting group, spend ages working on it then the second rate piece of shit that is Yahoo Page builder decides to crash and not save any of the work. The only reason I'm not using proper web design software and getting webspace (Like I did for the tours website- thanks again for the big banner skeeve) is because its a small group of skeptics and the site is more to keep them informed.

I hate it when this happens. Its why I stopped using pagebuilder, but I thought, its just a small social webpage, nothing can go wrong.

Fucking thing! And there's no use complaining to multi trillion dollar, automated response, fuck the consumer in the ass companies like Yahoo anyway. The modern world really annoys me. 200 years ago I could have challenge Mr. Yahoo to pistols at dawn.

grumble grumble grumble. moan moan moan.

I feel better now.
Yeah, that really sucks. Here's to the yahoos in charge of Yahoo (hoisting the universal symbol of ill will).
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
Wow, sucks to be yahoo, if you know what I mean ;p
Doubting Thomas
I know just what you mean, I've had problems with Pagebuilder on my hobby website and it can be a total pain in the arse (to use a British spelling).
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Aw GP, that does suck. I've had stuff I've worked hard on go up in - well, not even smoke - never to be seen again, so I know what that feels like.

[img][/img] is not a valid Image. Yuck Fahoo. [img][/img] is not a valid Image.

And I say that most sincerely.

I hear their security sucks too. Yahoo is only good for simple questions to post ans wait for answers. But don't expect to get any or many let alone the right answers. It's mostly just to get opinions. I wouldn't trust it for anything else, especially after this post GP.

It does suck big time that this happened to you, especially now with your hard work on the your new business. Sad
Yeah, and now the bloody fridge/ freezer has stopped working! Grrr! Still had a great engagement party last night though. Tried out a few of my new mind reading tricks (and found a flaw in one that needs addressing) as well as a lot of people having a lot of drink, playing a very bizarre drama game and then getting my ass whooped at a James Bond game!

Was it Golden Eye 007 on the Nintendo 64?
Theory_Execution wrote:
Was it Golden Eye 007 on the Nintendo 64?

Alas not. That would have been quality! I don;t have a N64 anymore Sad

It was Agent Under Fire on the Gamecube.
Bob of QF
General-Pryce wrote:
Yeah, and now the bloody fridge/ freezer has stopped working! Grrr!

Most domestic refrig units are sealed. Usually what quits is one of the two actual moving parts: one of two fans quit spinning.

Usually, it's the one deep inside the freezer compartment.

That fan is a cheap piece of electrical gear, and usually cheap to purchase a replacement. But. Getting at it, and replacing the damn thing is another matter.

If you can change a spark plug? You could probabily fix this yourself. Just take digital pictures of each step as you take things apart....useful for reassembly. Go slow, and don't force anything that is not plastic. (It's usually okay to force plastic, if it breaks, it can be glued back....usually...)

Good luck!

Hint: if your refrig makes a soft humming sound at the base, but not a noisy fan-type sound at the top/freezer compartment? It's the fan.

If it's totally silent throughout? It may be as simple as a bad power cord, or the connection(s) where the cord goes into the internal wiring. Or the wall socket you're using may have gone bad. It is unlikely it's the compressor--these things usually last 30 years. What fails in 90% of refrigerators is the one of the two fans. There's usually another one, at the base, blowing on some coils. Older or less efficient models don't have this second fan at all.
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Just as a side note for you Bob-most UK fridges are very old fashioned ones that have to be defrosted manually, and he might very well not have that second fan, even if it's not older. Possibly this could have something to do with the problem, but I'm certainly not as well informed on it as you are. Still, it might make some difference in how to repair it. Also, UK outlets often are individually fused, so hopefully GP has checked that and replaced the fuse if necessary (but if not this might be the gentle hint required to check that...Grin )
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