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US qualifier over Mexico...
Hells yeah, baby! 2-0 over Mexico. Granted it's just the qualifiers, but we beat them none-the-less and by two points. Let's hope we can keep up the steam all the way.

[url=]FIFA page on the match with Mexico[/url]

Will Mexico make it people? I think they aren't even going to get much past this. [url=]What say you?[/url] Guess they are going to have to use their little voodoo dolls for kindling.
well, pooh, people! Winnie, the fuckin', pooh! Nobody? Not a damned one of you? Nothing for our team? Well, in case any damned body is interested, they are playing the qualifiers in the States (well, for this region if you are in the States). That one I talked of was in Columbus Ohio. The next one is somewhere, but the next one after that is in Nashvilled. I lived there once too. One of them is in Utah. Either way, I think we are doing well so far, but in our district, I think Costa Rica is doing the best so far. Mexico was picked to be one of the top, but they have some troubles in their country which I think is affecting their soccer. You know that sport that sport that the world still plays with one another? In a way, it's the only sport I really watch anymore. Not even the super bowl. If they showed at the same time, I would be physically fighting someone for the TV. Either way, I've gotta go. I think I'm past time. Love all of you, even if you don't love my sport. Pfft
I used to be apathetic, but I decided I just didn't care. Sorry, Jayon. I am not very interested in sports this time of year. American football is over, and watch a helluva lot of that (especially college). I like motorcycle roadracing and track & field, but I can't get very fired up about basketball or soccer (yes, I know it's 'football' to the rest of the world). I can appreciate the skill and stamina, but they just don't do much for me.
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