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I don't think he's ugly
There is this cat they call "Ugly Batboy". I don't think he's ugly, I think he's cool looking.

I would use "prehistoric". Grin
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It's so 'ugly' that it almost closes the circle, if you know what I mean. Sort of like being so far out that you're back in. It looks like a cross between a gryphon and a male lion. It's hardly comparable to what an ordinary cat looks like. It is quite shocking-looking, but interesting. A 'punk/headbanger' cat!
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That cat reminds me of myself.......
OMG... that's really... something. He is ugly, but somehow, at the same time, he's adorable. I'd hold him and pet him in a heartbeat.

That hair-do he has is very, um, interesting too.


I am not a CAT-ologist or anything but, looks like he is one of those hairless cats that did grow hair. Other then that he looks like a regular cat that someone was able to hold down and shave.
I think he's cute. I would like to have hairless cats.

I assume he has a mutation. He seems to have normal hair cells on a small part of his body and mutated follicles on the rest of his body.
I just love the look on his face, even though he's good natured, which is a plus.

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