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Why do whales and dolphins beach?
I wonder why whales and dolphins beach themselves. I wonder if the leader of the pod has an infection and can't navigate (and the rest follow blindly)? It's such a strange phenomenon. I wish we could invent a device that would transmit a signal to repel the creatures from the land areas. It's so sad to see them beach themselves and die.
Maybe they suffer from depression, or the warmer costal waters draw them in at certain times of year?

I have no idea, just throwing things out there.

We had a whale travel up the Thames not so long ago (a river that passes through London) cant exactly remember what happened to it.
When we were stationed in Washington State there was a group of orca that traveled up the inlet, right by the housing area. It was really cool to see them up close. I was happy that they made it safely back out to sea though. They hung around in our waters for a couple of weeks and then left. No one knew why they had come there, perhaps they got lost or were just looking for food.
It seems that the tide goes out and they don't, at least some of the time. It doesn't seem like they would get stuck, but they do.
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