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About music
While cruising around at Science daily I came across this article about music.


Although it elicits a "Well, duh" response from me, it lead me to thinking of related theories. I've always felt that human language developed from singing. I feel that the first way we communicated was through sing-song and that as we developed, our ability to make more interesting and diverse sounds emerged. I think primitive sing-song noises eventually developed into complicated languages.

The saying "Music is the universal language" does ring true to me. I can tell the mood of a song even if I can't understand the words. We also get moved emotionally from instrumentals. We can also use music to sooth a hostage taker, or to annoy the shit out of enemy combatants. Music is powerful.

It's known that many other animals have complicated language. For instance, wolf packs each have their own individual howl patterns and orca pods each have their own unique language. Those pods sometimes meet and learn new sounds from each other. It's absolutely fascinating. I wonder if we may someday communicate with animals through music. Maybe we all ready do and we don't realize it.
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My cats like classical music more than any other kind.

I think language evolved from human-produced sound, if not singing (where do you draw the line?).

Next on my list of books to read is This is Your Brain on Music by Daniel J. Levitin. That should be interesting.
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That was a really interesting article. I am a huge fan of music myself. I listen to everything. YES, EVERYTHING...except country/western and gospel but, they are one in the same.
I have always seen music as a form of communication, even though I don't listen to the lyrics. I have never really dove into the science behind it. Never interested me much. I don't really see it as a universal language. Unless you can speak the language it is being sung in. For example the only reason I know why Sad Songs by Elton John is sad is becasue he says:
Download source  Code
If someone else is suffering enough to write it down
When every single word makes sense
Then it's easier to have those songs around
The kick inside is in the line that finally gets to you
and it feels so good to hurt so bad
And suffer just enough to sing the blues

However, I listen to techno music(progressive Trance is my favorite!) There are either NONE to very few words in an entire 60min set. There is no communication at all. It is simply to listen to and if you are that kind of person, dance. I do that in the privacy of my own home heh. I don't like scaring the kids. The ONLY reason I feel emotion while listening to techno is the style it is played in. The Progressive Trance I speak of is really good at pulling me out of my down moments. It starts slow and quiet and works up to a nice fast beat after about 20min. Trance is the ONLY music that can do it to me AND it is also the ONLY type that can completely remove the effect of self-embidiment. I lay down on my bed, turn on an online radio station and just go away.

AS I was reading this article...I found this other one from back in 2006. I agree on the intelligence factor. When I listen to classical or any type of music with no lyrics I get work done like nobodys business. Remember was up as fast as it was because I was listening to Trance sets all day. From parts to finish it only took me 3hrs to get that thing up and running to where you all could log on. The configuration of the board was another story. Improvement of Mental health? They didn't really touch this in the article but, I'll go as far as to say, "while listening it can improve mental clarity." The immune system boost I am not so sure about, as they didnt touch on this really either. I have a killer immune system. It is worse than the Nazi SS when a virus enters my blood. I think the happiness(mental health) is directly related to this. If you are happier you live longer.

That's right, I said it...
I like techno and trance too. Actually, I like most music, even some country. (if it's not all Gawdy-fied)

I think what they mean by music being a universal language is that you can get an idea of what emotions the musician/writer was having when they created it. You can tell angry music from sad music, regardless of whether you understand the words.

I think my cat likes trance, she seems to get chipper and playful when I play it, but that also could be because I am acting playful and chipper. She also likes relaxing music.

I can't handle angry music, it grates my nerves. My husband's cousin lived with us a few years back and he loved Marylin Manson. I had to buy him some nice earphones because I couldn't handle that type music. I have no moral objections to it, I just can't handle the emotional tone of it. It gave me a migraine, I think because I was unconsciously clenching my jaw. I also can't handle soprano opera singers. I can handle the deeper voices just fine, but those high notes hurt and trigger a bad migraine.

RayvenAlandria wrote:I think what they mean by music being a universal language is that you can get an idea of what emotions the musician/writer was having when they created it. You can tell angry music from sad music, regardless of whether you understand the words.

Ahh, I get ya. Continue Smile

I listen to (progressive)trance, (happy)hardcore, reggaetón, drum and bass, (hard)house, jungle and all other types of techno. All this is mainly at night when it is quiet.

NOW, My loud music collection you'd have a hateful passion toward. I am a Marilyn Manson fan but, there is even some stuff that is more hard than him. Walls of Jericho, In This Moment, Deicide, God Forbid, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Vision of Discord, Lamb of God, Akerkoke, In Flames and a slew of other deat/heavey metal bands. Punk is really good but, I like the old skool punk: MxPx, Sex Pistols, NoFX, NUFAN(although I cant really listen to these guys much because their music is all about people and their failures in life, seriously there name is: No Use For a Name) AFI, Pennywise and MANY others. I like the loud music when I am in my up modes cause it keeps me there Grin

A lot of the metal bands are that wannabe Satanic band..err except for Akerkoke. They I know for sure are true Satanists. They give some of their income to Anton LeVey. Regardless, I never listen to lyrics..only when i want to..i like the music for MUSIC not for the message. For example. That song Right Round, can't remember whom it is by but, I heard it in my car on Sirrius/XM and I listened to the lyrics for the first is about going down on someone! I have a new reason to like that song now *munchmucnhmunch* HAHAHA What really throws people off is that I sing the lyrics to the song but, I have no idea what I am saying. hmmm, if you asked me to say the lyrics I wouldn't know them unless I was singing along with the song, its hard to explain.
That's right, I said it...
Do you mean that old techno pop song "you turn me right round, baby right round?" . I love that song. I have no earthly idea what the lyrics are other than the chorus. If that's what it means that is just too hilarious.

Edit; This song?


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yeah but, this isn't the one I heard. I heard the new one by FloRida.

It has different lyrics and I was not aware of that heh

SINCE YOUTUBE are a bunch of bitches since google bought them out, you will have to click the blue box in the video to get the real song

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That's right, I said it...
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