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Physics Joke-- from "The Big Bang Theory"
Bob of QF
A physicist often visited a local ice cream store-- it had a nice bar, where one could order ice cream treats, and enjoy.

Anyway, the physicist always ordered two of whatever it was he was eating that night-- one to eat, and one to put in front of the empty stool next to him.

After weeks of this, the ice cream vendor got up the nerve to ask him why he ordered two, ate one but not the other.

The physicist replied: "According to the rules of Quantum Mechanics, there is a distinct possibility that a beautiful woman will spontaneously appear on the stool next to me, and seeing the delicious treat, I'm hoping she will be grateful and fall in love with me."

"I see," replied the vendor. "Why not just buy an ice cream for one of the single women in the store? Maybe one of them will thereby fall in love with you..."

To which the physicist replies, "What are the odds of that happening?"
Quantum Junction: Use both lanes

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WOW, that was GREAT! Sums up exactly what I would say in that physicists position. HAHAHA
That's right, I said it...
Awwww, that bad?? lol, lol! But funny!

Good one!Wink
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