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What have I been up to?
Its been a while since I've checked in here properly. Been really busy with various things over the past month.

The Skeptic tours I'm going to be running have hit the press, plus I run a regular monthly lecture series called Skeptics in the Pub and have a variety of speakers coming along. As the chairman of Edinburgh Skeptics I've also been called in to give my "expert" opinion on a few ghostly goings on.

Also, my computer got a really nasty virus. I had to set up the backup computer and spend nearly two days correctly formatting drives so that I didn't lose shit loads of irreplaceable work. The only annoying thing is the keyboard has come back with US settings so all my " have turned into @ which is a pain in the arse when trying to log into hotmail!

Anyway, still unemployed but have a job interview tomorrow with a history tour company. Here's a few links to things I've been up to in the press and online:

Edinburgh Skeptics: www.edinburghskep...

Evening News 1:

Evening News 2 (this features my "expert" advice):

Daily Mail (More expert advice):

There are a few more press cuttings but they're not online. There should also be a TV link up soon to an interview I did.

Anyway, will try and log in more!

You know you are welcome here anytime you have the time or urge to visit us GP. And good luck on that job interview too.
I'll drink to that. Or anything else for that matter.
GP: So you 'take life too seriously', eh?Grin Good to see that things are going so well for you. Drop by any time!
"If I owned both Hell and Texas, I'd live in Hell and rent out Texas." - General Sheridan
Way to work the press Dude! What great public relations. It was a brilliant way to grab some free advertising. I hope it helps the business take off.

Oh man you have got to find a way to link the interview you do here. I hope you become a hughe success :cheerful:

Legends, Folklore, Hauntings, Poltergeists, anything supernatural are a good start and make it fun as well as interactive is a great idea GP. You can do the serious part by finding the true history and how it became thought of as bieng haunted and turned into folklore then turn it into something funny. Like make it sound funny showing what happened to make it change into the made up folklore, legend they are today. Mabe eventually, over time, a long time probably, you can move on to ohter superstitious beliefs. I wouldn't do that for a long while yet. You have a open market no one else has every really ventured into by making this into tourr.

Hope your job interview went well. Hey maybe you can get a job in a Library or the Municipal Records Dept that way you could do much more research on the history of places you want to do tours on during your lunch everyday or even find more places to do tours Cool
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WTG GP, and well done.

I didn't realize until now that yours is going to be a walking tour - for some reason I was under the impression there were carts or buses used. Very interesting.

I'm really looking forward to your 'grand opening' for the tour business, and I hope the up-coming job interview goes well too.

I think the public is really going to dig the 'different' twist you're putting on your tours - it sounds as though the idea is already getting people's attention.

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