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Sunday school teacher kills 8yr old girl
I'll add this to the pile.
This lady is truly fscking sick!

That's right, I said it...
Yeah, updated reports of this state she's had some mental issues. Ya think?

Also, they've added some type of sexual assault to the charges as well.
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yeah there is a ton more to this story I heard on the TV news but, I ahve not gone digging fro news stories online. I think the other added charge is rape or something to that effect. She pretty much kidnapped her, molested/raped her with a foreign object, then killed her, put her in a suitcase and tossed her near a pond. Nut job or not this lady will be forgetting what a bright day looks like.
That's right, I said it...
I read in an early news article that Huckaby had said the girl had been at her home earlier in the day the day she disappeared, but that the girl had gone home, and that she (Huckaby) had also left a suitcase in her driveway and that it was missing later in the day.

But she doesn't know what happened to the girl or the suitcase. :headscratch: Uh, yeah lady. And everyone is stupid and can't figure this out.

The ex husand claims she sufered from depression and other mental health prolems but I don't buy that for one second.

There's supposed to be an interview on Friday April 17 on Good Morning America from 7am to 9am. I'll see if I can tape it you all might want to watch it if you can or tape it. Trugthfully I doubt she has depression or is mentally ill, though I don't see how anyone intheir right mind could do such a thing, she didn't seem to have any history of it that anyone else reported, so I doubt it's mental illness. Plus why wouldn't there be any signs of abuse taken out on her own 5 yr old? Unless the pastor grandfather has been covering for his daughter all along.
Its sad to say Sinny, but maybe her own 5 year old didn't do it for her.
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