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More Atheists Shout It From the Rooftops
Edited by Sinny on 04/28/2009 00:15
Sinny wrote:
I do agree with this in particular but let's be practical for many it's hard to let people know you're an atheist or unbeliever. Especially certain people in our lives.

The best part about reading this was that the hostility, accusations and attempts to instill fear for speaking out from the religous, christians, backfired. They didn't stop people from speaking up or giving up and letting people know they aren't alone in not believing in a made up god, superstitions and hokus pokus.

EDIT: Although I do wonder how many atheists attend church just for the socializing/functions because there isn't much of any place else for them to meet people that doesn't require a fee to join unless they choose to donate. Or a place where they can show their musical and/or other talents. Sort of like joining a club to meet people. I just hope atheism doesn't turn into a religous type of atheism. If that makes any sense.

For the first part, I think that SOME have a hard time coming out of the "atheist closet." My entire family knows I am an atheist. My roommate/ex-GF/mother of my son is a non-practicing Christian and her parents are psycho baptists. Not sure her parents know or not. Her dad will talk to me about it and says it is between me and Jesus or something. Whenever he talks about it I kind of go a bit deaf. I think he knows I am not a believer, but doesn't know I am an atheist, same thing with his wife. They are nice people and I don't want to create hostilities between us so, I never make mention or bring it up. other then that, a few people at work know. I don't have any friends outside of work, so whoever they are, don't know, obviously. Pfft

As for your edit. I do...kind of...
I don't go for the social aspect since I am not very social to begin with. I go for the education and interpretation. Sunday's are designed to get the visitor to believe in God if they have not done so. Wednesday Night bible studies are for the believer and to get you to have a closer more personal relationship with God. Other gatherings are usually women's meetings, or open meetings. By open meetings, I mean anyone can say a yay or nay on how the church spends its money.
I don't go for socializing because I don't want to know these people. I have nothing in common with them. It is probably the same for all of you too. How many of you are into computers? not using them, but fixing them, building, networking, graphic arts, games, etc? How many of you like Trance music or any kind of techno like musics? Death Metal or Punk? Christians shite their pants when they hear death metal. I like death metal(Lamb of God for example) cause the music just fsckin ROCKS! I could care less what they are saying, since you really can't understand since they are barking into the damn mic. I better stop before I trail off, that has been getting BAD lately.
For my conclusion, you should chose the safe path for announcing your atheism. For me, I have never had a back lash. The only back lash I have EVER had from it was, Susan. I was in church and I told her I didn't believe and I swear this woman almost fell over. I didn't tell her I was atheist, just that I didn't believe because I didn't "get it."
That's right, I said it...
CD that was very well explained. I never thought that people would go to church for education/learing and interpretation. That was a concern of mine when I first joined then to meet people. Unfortunately I found out that most of the christians were complaing house wives who wree never satisfied no matter what was given to them. One day I told this one woman who was the worst of them all complainer of her husband that she shouldn't complain about him to other people or put him down to other people. I explained he is her husband and she should love him and not put him down. It's ok to kid around and joke but she was really insulting him and I told her look at herself then to spend one week concentrating on only what she does like about him not just love but like. I thin that helped her some but didn't stay long enough to be sure. I know what you mean about find people who like the same things you like but hey you can't find anyone who likes all of the same things, right. I know people who only have being cat people in common with me and other people who have not much of anything in common with me but we share our lives with each other by telling each other what happens to us in our lives. Some have children they talk about their children then I talk about my furry babies and my neices and nephews or my Mother and they their Mothers. But when it comes to finding ground for where to go well....being women of course we go shopping. Grin then out to eat and chat again Grin It's a bitch to find anyone in church that likes the same movies or even goes to clubs. I noticed being older now my interests have changed some so it's different for me too now.

I don't dare tell anyone in my Family I'm atheist except I told my Mother, which I suspect or just don't doubt she already told someone else, she was kewl about it. I think that's because of my Father who turned atheist after years of constant preaching from my Grandmother. Later when he was dyeing he changed out of fear. I can't tell people this except here on the forum. My sister would blow a gasket if she knew so I made sure I put the guilties to my mother if she slipped and told her. So many people have to be real careful at work not just with family because they need their jobs just like I do.

It's easy for people to go from christian church to atheist church if they aren't careful. I understand wanting to get the word out and educate people not only in the truth but to relieve them of their fear but not at the cost of becoming like the evangelicals, radical and batshit about it.

Well I'm writing a book here and my furry boy here is demanding a snack after waking from his nap I do so enjoy spoiling them.
I found that you can read the bible over and over, but until you have someone explaining it to you, from their own head, you really never have an understanding of it. Once you have an understanding you can take them on. I have stumped the best of them and I have even made one preacher leave a church and move back to Arkansas.

Recently I took a class that my work was offering. BIG MISTAKE on their part. I have always been good at talking to people and getting what I want OR getting them to do something I want them to do, even if they don't want to do it. Just convince them it is a good idea is all it takes. WELL, this class taught you what behavioral style you are. At work I am a high C, meaning I look at details and I don't need a manager up my ass to get me to do my job. You give me the information and I'll do the job. One piece that really stuck out and I know this is the reason I am an atheist. I am very detail oriented and if you are going to prove me wrong, you better have the evidence to back it up. At home I am a D, I. This means I am a leader and talkative, bet you never guessed the latter hah hah hah. This book is the mistake my company made...

I read this book over a few times and learned how to determine what personality type other people are.
D - Dominance - These people need a challenge
I - Influential - Very verbal(talkative)
S - Stable - They need a predictable environment, not much for change
C - Consistent - follows the rules, black & white

Now just by talking to people in the last week I have determined that 70% of people fall into the I and S categories, 20% are in D and the remaining 10% are C. This book also explains how to talk to people depending on what category they fall into. This is where it gets good! My manager, a high D, go figure. I used to have the damnedest time talking to him. Once I learned how, OH I have him right where I need him. Here is a snippet for communicating with a D...

This book explains everything about behavioral styles. I have learned to pick up on what someone's behavioral style is in less than 2min and can then understand them and talk to them properly. My manager was the first person i tried it on and IT WORKED. We never used to get along or see eye to eye on much but, last week I had him laughing. Now just think of a 6ft body building Chinaman laughing. Horrifying, yeah? heh

That is really funny about the bitchy wives. The churches I have been to have been filled with old cranky people anyway so I am used to it. It seems strange that the one you went to was more like a living room during Young & the Restless.(yes, I watch that with my roommate from time to time)
Most all the time I went there were hubby and wife couples that go. Very few people I did see that were single and if they were it was a young single mother or teens. I have not been to a church since early November, so I am falling behind. I am sure if i went back to that church they would be all like, "where have you been?! how are you?1" etc etc.
To get back to the bitchy wives, film them. Yes, FILM them! I have a cell phone that has a camera/video recorder on it. I am telling you when someone hears back what they said; they WILL change their tune. They can finally see how nasty and bitchy they look when they are the ones listening....

I fully agree that you can't find someone that is exactly like yourself and that is where my hangup is. If there is something I like doing and that person doesn't then you are making them unhappy because they don't want to do it. I have no friends for this simple reason. For example, Derek, a co-worker, this is the poster child for peer pressure! He is a drinker, a heavy drinker. I think he has come to work more than a few occasions after sipping on the sauce. I don't condone it because I used to go to work stoned of my ass...NOT at my current job, but ones in the past I didn't give a shite about. However, we are both into computers, building and networking them. Oh hell, remember the Oil PC? That is Derek. Problem is when I go over there at 9 or 10pm and the next day we both don't work, I don't come home until 5am because I am so fscking drunk it takes me a good 30min to walk home and up my stairs. he lives right across the street, I can see his front door from the bottom of my steps. i don't want to drink but, he insists, and insists, and insists, and insists, and insists...I can keep going but, you get the idea. He is kewl but, I can't hang out with him all the time.

OK now I need to shut the hell up for a while hehe...Just got back from exercising and it was one of those days that makes me bounce off the freakin walls. I hope I can fall asleep tonight. Hope I didn't make any mistakes cause I typed this FAST. woooooo
That's right, I said it...
Yes CD having the churhces and christians understanding / interpretation of the bible does help us to know where/how to show them what's wrong with their thinking of it.

I didn't figure you for a DI at home CD. But I guess it's natural to be at least a D at home since you are in your own territory but it can be difficult to be a D when you have a roommate. Funny thing not to get side tracked but I noticed in every relationship, especially friendships were both are same sex, there's always one who is the more dominant one but not in a bully way. Mostly just the one who makes most, if not nearly all, of the decisions. Ha ha ha you are funny CD I just pictured you in my head going around in the office knowing how to get what you want from all your co-workers and them wondering how did you get them to do that. I don't see it as a bad thing or mistake to teach you this since you are what I consider a good hard worker.. It behooves them to teach you and all employees this to help everyone learn how to understand one another an get along peacefully. Some people, especially supervisors, are a pain in the ass to talk to and it does help to understand their personality. We need more than that and this class offers more by understanding behavior style which is not the same as personalities.

Hmm film the bitchy wives is a good idea if in the right setting. I wouldn't use a cell phone to do it or they would feel violated. It would have to be in a social setting where it would appear to have been taped by accident then shown to them (her). That way I could say I was watching what I taped of such and such event and accidently got you saying ______(insert conversatin) that's why I wanted to take you aside and show you. If it's done any other way they might feel it's done to blackmail them or feel I can't be trusted to talk to anymore. Not that I want them to trust me that much anyway since I hear nothing but bitching. I cut them off at the knees now when they start in on like that. Unless it's a very good friend and I'm not that close to her husband then I will listen and give suggestions otherwise STFU. That was one of the worst things I hated about church. They come right up to you and give you an earful before they even really know you.

I read in many different magazines that exercising does help with depression and attitude. It changes the serotonin level and something else but I forget what it is right now.

Sounds like Derek is good for once in a while. He might be an alcoholic so be careful if he is. Mood swings can be a bitch when they get to the nasty mood. You come first CD not Derek. He doesn't need you there for him to drink himself nearly to death. Maybe the next time you do hang with him you could nurse your drink so he won't notice and tell him you have your own but buy the non alcoholic beer and don't let him know it's non alcoholic beer. I don't think of it as making them or yourself being unhappy doing something they or myself don't like to do because it makes up for it when you both get to do what you want later. It's give and take. Unless it's something that is harmful or just down right scary as shit to do then I draw the line and try to find a few agreeable things to do.

There was something else about the article I posted here I wanted to point out but forgot what it was now LOL. Oh well there's always tomorrow.
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