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XMen Origins: Wolverine
Saw Wolverine today... it was good... I have had friends and acquaintances say its the best movie of the year so far. I dunno about that... and there are some scenes during and after the credits.. but trust me... you wont miss anything important.

Overall impression... its a good movie... doubt it will be the best of the year though.

Im personally waiting for:
Angels and Demons GrinGrinGrin
Star Trek GrinGrinGrin
I'm not one for seeing new movies anymore, but I did read it pulled in 31M opening night.

All the previews I've seen tempt me to see it at the theater, but I'll wait for the DVD.
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I'm likely to go see Star Trek, partly depending upon the reviews I see.
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I too am looking forward to the new Star Trek. This may be the make or break for the franchise. So I am hoping it does well. There has been a lot of hype generated over it so it should have a nice opening. But after that it at the mercy of its own merits. Haven't seen Wolverine yet but Russel Crowe's latest, "State of Play" was pretty good.
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