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Don't ignore Swine Flu risks
Not sure you should have opened up this can of worms thread but absolutely hilarious.
We had the first reported case of someone dying from this new strain of swine flu who did not have any recognised underlying illness.

Our government bodies have released some numbers which take some 65,000 as the worse case scenario in the UK (think that was the number).

So yes, it would be advisable to Catch it, Bin it, Kill it as the advert goes, but I cannot ever agree with this statement.

Truthfully, people should get in the habit of washing and avoiding the spread of germs at all times

It is the over-sterile homes, schools and work places that have spiked allergic conditions in people over the year. We should be exposed to bacteria and virus' as cheshiredragon was pointing out. If this virus is going to become a serious pandemic your best bet may be to contract the illness while you are fighting fit. Then your immune system can build itself up.

In closing, I think kids should eat dirt.
Oh man John....big oops there. I didn't read the last few posts when I posted the video joke. I just thought it was funny and remembered we had a swine flu thread.

TE truthfully I agree with Rayven. It's the not washing our hands that make us sick at least with me it does. Not covering our mouths when coghing and not covering when sneezing. I don't think the sanitizing and cleaning gives anyone allergies. Allergies have gotten much worse for a lot more people because of all the MSG, preservatives in our food.

When a kid gets sick the parent(s) either can't afford to hire a baby sitter, can't find a trustworthy baby sitter to stay home alone with the kid and/or the parent(s) can't afford to take off work to stay home with their sick child so what do they do....they send the kid to School/PreSchool. Worst is when they have the nerve to try and send the kid to the baby sitter who has other children to care for but the parent either can't or won't take off work or find a baby sitter to stay home with them even when they can afford one. So what happens? the kid spread his/her germs to every other child they come in contact with that's why we have to sanitize and clean what a sick person/child touches. It was found that it does help to cut down but that only does so much when so many parents still send their kid to School when sick. They start out with one sick kid and before you know there's whole class sick one by one then the kids go home and spread that to more people. Older people are especially vulnerable. some parents may not get the germs from their child and some will and they go to work sick and it starts or rather spreads all over again. Lets not forget all the corporations/business/offices that have hermdeically sealed buildings and if they don't constantly change and clean out the vents guess what the freaking germ just keeps spreading.

When you go food shopping you touch that filty cart that some kid just had an attack of diarrhea in or a sick kid slobbering all over the front seat where they bet I wash before and after and I even give a quick wipe down with a sanitizer where I put my hands why because I don't want to catch what they had and I don't like my food being on that either. I never assume the store clerk properly washed it either. I wash immediately when I first come home why because there are a lot of people who don't wash their hands just after going to the bathroom and I have to use the same door knobs, pens, pencils, phone, they use. Do I want to scratch my eye or anywhere I have an itch with dirty hands that just touched a filthy slob touched. Staph infection alone could kill a person or make them very ill and I don't want it.

I will never believe that being clean and sanitizing causes allergies. Allergies are caused by many diffrent reasons but being clean and sanitizing is one of them if anything being clean helps people with certain allergies. I hate to say what I'm about to say because a lot of people just assume I am picking of foreighners but the truth is the world is getting much smaller. We no longer have just ourselves we now have nearly the whole world connected. A lot of people come from another Country and bring whatever germs they have th and thus a new germ, virus is introduced and spread where it otherwise wouldn't have.

I had a Doctor who years ago told me I can't spread my germs by talking on the same telephone someone else uses and they won't get it either from me that way unless I give them a big sloppy kiss on the mouth. What an idiot he was to say that. The germs don't die immediately after using the phone so when I talk on the phone, walk away and it rings again the next person will get those germs like it or not they will get them only because they used it within seconds of my using it. Schools are not overly sterile IMO remember teenagers and children are all very close together all day long so when a germ gets in it spreads like wildfire. The problem with sterilizing is they now use cheap products that don't work very well. I don't like the idea of contracting something that cold turn deadly without any defense and I won't take the chance of assuming I have that defense to fight it without anything to combat it with. This is why I get the flu shot every year now. No way I'm going through that hell again without something to help combat it. My genes aren't indestructable.

I'm not saying panick but I do see how important it is to keep clean to help prevent germs from spreading or being contracted to myself. If everybody followed proper cleanliness and just plain courtesy most people wouldn't get sick. Of course this doesn't include all the crap that's in our food.

I do think more children need to play outside and get good and dirty in the natural soil to help build up immunity but the fact is many today don't and you won't find many adults do that either. It's unfortunate but I also know considering we are all more connected today than we were years ago even good old fashioned playing in the dirt isn't enough protection anymore.
Well theres a difference between not washing hands in the work place, or when leaving a bathroom and being this aware 'at all times'. But even for children a bit of anal oral stransmission is good for the immune system. Hey its one reason licking the young is so big in the animal kingdom it seems, passing on the germs early.

Kids are told to stay in doors much more now, and they have more reasons to. And houses are encouraged to say extra clean at all times. Clean your sink and toilets by all means, and wipe down surfaces but some people go over the top. Mixing all types of bleaches and chlorinating products.

I think sick children should be encouraged to spend time with children who arent sick, in cases such as colds and things. Tops them all up for their immune systems. University is like that, you all come together from different parts of the country and share your illness, lol, get a bit of that freshers flu up your nose. You could all stay in your rooms and wait till the illness stops being volatile, but all it takes is one person to do that, and pass it on and that person to dwindle with the thing for a bit longer and then all of a sudden its back again.

When I go shopping ill touch a cart, ill eat the fruit without washing it, and so far I have been fine. Even when a cashier touches the fruit I dont bother washing it. Maybe I have too much faith in my immune system and at worst the health care system.

Heres a reason for why its possible over cleanliness causes allergies. You remove that influence of small bacterial/viral attack and the body does not develop a defense for it, so as soon as that thing is encountered, you have one of those reactions RA was talking about. There is also the chemical factor of all these cleaning products in the home.

According to the Asthema and Allergy Foundation of America cases of the afor mentioned have risen steadily since the 1980s, believing hyper-cleanliness to be the cause of underdeveloped immune systems.

My other issue with these cleaning agents is, yes they work now, but how long until a resistant strain fo something or other crops up and fucks us all over? Its what has happened with drugs (may be a huge faux pas there on my part, cleaning substances may rely on molar strength to kill/denature stuff).

Iv not played in the dirt for ages, and I miss it. I used to get cut climbing walls, stand on rusty nails, have all sorts of bacterial and open wound contact. If I ever have children I will have them try loads of different types of food, say make a game out of it, bring a strange fruit back each day, or cook an odd meal. And also id give them a hammer, some nails and a pile of wood in the garden.

hey sorry I took so long to get back TE LOL.

Hey I agree with cleaning and washing after going to the bathroom. I wouldn't dare eat fruit unwashed thought. You never know what the hell someone did with their hands, where those hands were, before you went and took a big chunky bite out of the fruit those hands touched in the supermarket. Yes people using too many cleaning agents at home can make them self sicker in the long run. But TE germs are living organisms that want to thrive and survive so the way I see it even when not overly clean a new strain can form.

Anyway I won't worry about swine flu as I am getting old and am one of the few fortunate who can afford to pay for the shot if needed. it's not much of a threat to me as it is for children and young adults. Without a vaccine a lot would die if it spreads more than the influenza flu. I hear it's a pandemic now and it hit a city near me so far. anyways I found this by chance and thought I would share it. Kind of reminds me of the chicken flu tracker.

Oh and sorry if I forgot to address all of your post...I'm getting tired LOL. I think I'd rather have a be young shot instead.

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